Myofascial Pain and FM, Understand What They Are

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    Thanks to Haley Cole, I didn't know anything at all about myofascial pain. I was so wrapped up in FM. I first though, here we go again. It is another one. It seems so easy to wrap around a "new thing" on the block so to speak and everyone gathers there at that corner. However, I have been doing some research into this. I am truely amazed how one can get confused as to what is really the true problem they are facing and how it can be overlooked or neglected.

    If you were given a FM diagnosis and you are wanting to be more informed on the subject, upon your research you might find yourself saying, "yeah, that's exactly how I am feeling", but you could read later on in another resource book about Myofascial Pain and say, "wow, now THIS is what I am talking about"!! I can see how those two can overlap each other. As for myself, I am not sure which one is attacking me. Therefore, I want to get further into seeing the diagram of the trigger points and where they are all located. I have diagrams of the TENDER POINTS with FM patients. Those are DIFFERENT from the trigger points. Many think that they one and the same but they are not. I have been working with TRIGGER POINTS for a long time. Ever since a chiropractor was working on me and applied kiniesiology ( spelled that bad boy wrong, I'm sure )I thought I would see stars. Oh whew!! That hurt but then, I felt the release. He showed me a few places where the trigger points were and how to release the muscles. He had encouraged me to see other chiropractors who had knowledge of this technique.

    With the little knowledge I have gained about trigger points of which I didn't know they were called that until much later on, I would massage those areas and find those particular muscles responding in release. Then the surrounding areas or other areas I got relief in. If it didn't go away, then I would go to the doctor to see if there was anything serious that I should be concerned about. Very few times did I have to consult a doctor.

    I have gone online researching into CMP (Chronic Myofascial Pain syndrom. Wow, I am really amazed at how much I identify with this one. Can a person be affected with both though? Anyone out there think that is possible? How can you know? I mean FM has such a broad sense of pain with its tender points given. However, Myofascial Pain comes with its sever pain that is detected in its sever trigger points that causes radiating pain to other parts of the body. Thus creating more of a pain circle than the FM. How can you really know for sure which one you are battling or if you are battling both? I found many books through Amazon. Before I got to Amazon, I found this website helpful. I put in my Yahoo browser trigger points and when the different sourcs came up, I just clicked on one and here is one of them :
    You will see how they explain briefly what is in that particular book. It is a self help book and you can see it further on Amazon. Once into Amazon, there are many others that are incredibly full of knowledge. What you really need to do is go to Then once on there, click on books. In the little search box, I have a list of books that I am going to try to purchase. Right now, Amazon has many of them for a savings of 30% or more. Hardbacks are going to cost more as you know. You can check them out as new or used. This is much like Ebay. You probably knew that whereas I have just come to know that. So here are the names of books I would like to have. I am going to list the top 3 or 4 and then you can take it from there. Ok?

    1. "Trigger Point Therapy Workbook; Your Self-Treatment
    Guide For Pain Relief". (of course this is the one
    that you can see at the site above I told you about -

    2. "Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain: A Survival
    Manual" (Second Edition, paperback) go to
    in the books category and enter the name of the book
    in between the quotes. I think this will be a good
    one to compare the two.

    3. "The Concise Book of Trigger Points" by Simeon
    Niel-Asher. This is in Amazon Books as well.

    Now I could mention a couple more, but when you get into Amazon in the book category, they keep track of what you have been looking at and then they recommend other books that might interest you regarding your search. That is helpful as well. For myself, I believe I want to start with number 3, "The Concise Book of Trigger Points" and then move to number 2 so I can compare the two diseases side by side so to speak. However, all three are very important.

    I hope what I have listed will help those of you who do not understand these chronic pain diseases. I know we have heard of medicines that are being considered very helpful in the treatment of those pain issues and perhaps those medications will help both anyway. Just in case though, I want to know what I am fighting against. If it is an apple, lets say apple and not banana. God bless all of you and again, special thanks to Haley for her imput regarding myofascial pain and the many other inputs she has given to help us gain some relief in those things that want to rob us of having some kind of normal daily life. Thanks Haley.

  2. sfd647

    sfd647 New Member


    It is always good to have your input since you are the one that caused me to look into CMP. I really wasn't going to go in that direction because of the certainty of FM. Well, it took a long time to get the doctors to actually consider it. When I told them that my sister and then my brother had been diagnosed with it, THEN and only THEN did they say I probably had it. HA!! Probably!! Well at least they write down Fibromyalgia. They said that it is PROBABLY genetic. HATE that word. lol

    After I started looking into CMP and remembering my one chiropractic doctor and the pressure/trigger points he used on me and showed me slightly that day I had to have a treatment, I began to wonder IF FM is the right diagnosis. In actuality, I don't think the doctors are too familiar with any of these. Whether it is FM, CFS or CMP!! I think the easiest one for them to pick on is CFS. I have seen them very readily want to label the situation to CFS just for the sake of calling it something. Well, I think it would be best for them to do more research in CMP because I know about THOSE TRIGGER POINTS and they do exist and I know how the pain radiates to other parts of the body. I once told a doctor I DID NOT have an ulcer. I couldn't explain why my stomach hurt so bad but I just knew I did not have an ulcer. He smiled and said, I was right. I was having a kidney infection and was having radiating pain. THAT was the first I ever heard of radiating pain.

    The book you told me about that you live by is the first one on my list,"The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook (Second Edition) by Clair Davies. Then I want the last one for sure, "The Concise Book of Trigger Points" by Simeon Niel-Asher. Then to help me further just because of my situation and to understand the difference better, I would like the other one #2, "Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain: A Survival Manual". I believe most of these are on sale right now like 32% off on Amazon. I'll need to see how much I can spend in order to get all of these. I may need to get one at a time since Christmas is about here and I have my kids and 3 precious grandchildren. Plus, my daughter has a birthday one week AFTER Christmas on Jan.2.. gulp..she'll be 40!! shhhhh.(smile) Plus my grandson (hers)has a birthday 10 days BEFORE Christmas and he'll be ..oh my..!! 19...double shhhhhh. LOL Gosh I suddenly feel so much OLDER!!!

    Bless ya
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    I also had this experience with Hayleycole, and Najees's threads. I never had tender points and still was diagnosed with Fibrmyalgia. Until they say that Myofascial pain will bring us to the same perilizing end that Fm does, then I'm suggesting we have both. After all, I still have all the other symptoms. I believe that they will eventually claim this. I just hope that the poeople with Myofascial will be added to this board, as they and Cfs are all similar.

    I also hope that if and when Pro Health does an article on this they will interveiw Hayleycole, since she is at least for me, the first one to bring this to my attention. She is also as about as knowledgable on the subject as anyone. I also don't like to be misdiagnosed, it's a waist of my short time.

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    Well now, Dan, Haley, and Georgiac

    I must say that this time around has been so enlightening unless I just didn't have the time in this last week to be on the "board" as much as before.

    MP has got to be such a front runner. It would seem to me that MP would be the general in this army of pain and FM one of the Captains. Meaning, I believe that FM is an offshoot of the MP and that is why they would seem so similiar. All I know is PAIN!! I know that when I am under attack with the FM ( I guess it would FM then ), all that can give me relief at the moment is stretching exercise. I mean the pain in my right arm is so intense, that even the pain meds don't do anything. The only release I get is when I stretch the muscle. THAT IS IT!! The ONLY thing. It is so dreadful. I don't know if any of you have this experience or if I am just "special" (smile) but I will get this hard feeling like my diaphragm has tightened up like some kind of hard muscle that knots up so bad, you can't breathe or move. That happened once in the hospital and when my infectious disease doctor happened to come in to check on me while the host of other doctors were in there, he prescribed just ordinary aspirin for me. Just a little o small regular aspirin (2 of them) and it just went away.!! I was stunned!! He said I wouldn't believe it. Problem is that he NEVER told me what it was other than that he knew WHAT is was. I must ask him again what it was. But has any of you felt that happen to you? I had to reach straight up in the air with my arms the pain became so intense. I have had other attacks but not quite like that time but I do get that hard muscle feeling in the diaphragm area. So I rub it and rub it because there isn't anything else to do. I just know that I am so tired of feeling so imprisoned in my own body. I feel like I have been taken hostage. Then making matters worse, you TRY to take your pain meds but in the end, in my case anyway, they don't do anything but take a small edge of the pain away. It is NEVER just GONE!!

    That is why I believe that MP is the front runner of FM because of having to do the stretching of the muscles as well as rubbing those trigger points to release the muscle.

    Haley, do you think that the particular meds that are referring to in helping with FM would be the same that could or would do the job for those suffering from CMP?

    Keep your comments coming folks. It is good to know that what you are feeling is what others are experiencing as well and that their views are similar to yours as well.

    Haley, it is good that Dan shares my thoughts about you as well. I, too, believe that ProHealth needs to get into research and make this area relative to CFS, FM and CPM. They are all so similar to each other and would seem that medications would be beneficial to all. Considering the massive pain that one feels with CMP, ProHealth would be wise to check into it and Haley, you should be their advisor. I, too, believe you know as much OR MORE than other medical advisors on the issue out there. Your intense workup on the subject is phenomenal!! I, too, didn't know anything about CMP until you mentioned there was such an "animal". You know what? IT IS AN ANIMAL!! It eats away at all our muscles, neurons, etc as though you are being eaten alive. God Bless All of You as you continue your fight against these monsters that have attacked our bodies. Keep up the good fight, my friends. I love you all and sure do appreciate each and every one of you.

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    Hi there
    I didn't want to intrude on this thread .. but I also have a problem with CMP in the back of my neck .. and I have found a small measure of relief with Lyrica.

    Initially I was put on it for neuropathic like burning and tingling in my feet (some in the hands). My GP was hopeful it would do the trick for over all fibro pain as well .. but it didn't and going to a full dose made me dumb as a rock plus too dopey ( more than usual ? haha)

    In any case .. an interesting thing happened .. I asked if I could just finish off the Lyrica slowly (75mgs) at night since it gave me better sleep ... now over a month later I am very surprised to have a lot less burning and tingling in my feet and less burning in the back of the neck .. while still reaping the benefits of better sleep.

    My GP was surprised that the low dose worked so well (she wanted me to up it) but I'm happy with the low dose so far .. and in the end we all know the least amount that is affective is better, since we will end up increasing more likely than not.

    I just wanted to add this comment because I thought the Lyric wasn't for me .. but by accident, through continued use at a low dose it finally kicked in !

    If anyone else has had a similar experience I would very much appreciate hearing about it!

    Thanks for the information !
    Joy : )
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    FM and CMP. Diagnosed the CMP myself. The pain that I feel from it is different, yet connected to the FM pain. Not always easy to separate the two. Pressure points, trigger points, tender spots -- when I'm in flare there is no place on my body that is not tender or sensitive to pressure. I remember one appt when the Dr. was doing the 11 point check and one after the other the pressure would make me wince or flinch in pain, she stated "Wow, you just have pain all over don't you." Well, DUH!!!! Of course I do warn any male doctors not to stand in front of me if they are going to hit the spots on my knees -- could be dangerous!! My knees are very painful! Like a couple of the other posts, my meds don't take away the pain, but they do dull it enough that I can function most days. For me the most effective thing for the CMP pain is my heating pads. Also, to the post who had the muscle tightening in the diaphram -- get that too. Feels sorta like when you run and get stitches in your side. Almost like a charlie horse, but in the muscles across my ribs or down side of my back. Those pretty much incapacitate me until I can get them worked out. I had one that lasted for over 2 hours one night. My husband is great when those happen or when my legs get CMP spasms in the middle of the night. Research is the best thing. All of those books are good -- and the internet has lots of info out there also. God bless you all - and may HE give you one good nights sleep!! Pam
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    funny, i just ordered the trigger point workbook last week. This has been most interesting information. i think i might have both as well. i am so hoping that i can figure out how to work with the trigger points myself to get some relief. Have people had much success working on themselves? i can't afford to see a massage therapist or chiropracter more than occasionally and my HMO doesn't cover that sort of thing.

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