Myofascial Pain, FMS ~ no trigger points ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Huggabugg123, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Huggabugg123

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    I was wondering how many people on the board may have been diagnosed with having Myofascial Pain or Fibroyalgia with little or no trigger points? I have gotten a hold of a copy of my medical records. After reading some of the documentation from my Rheumatoligist, he states that I have little to no trigger points, but everything else points to FMS. All of my side effects and additional conditions that go along with Fibromyalgia are making themselves present. Both my Rheumy and my regular doctor have been treating me for Fibromyalgia. When I see either of them, they discusses it with me as if Fibromyalgia is the diagnosis and there isn't anything else it could be. I really need to know what else this possibly be? I am wondering if maybe it is Myofascial rather than FMS? I'll go into a lot more details after a bit. I need some sleep first. I just need to get this question out there so that it will give others a chance to see that I am searching for some answers.


  2. LittleBluestem

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    Do you have access to a physical therapist who is well-trained and highly experienced in some type of myofascial therapy? I think that would be the best person to determine whether you are experiencing myofascial problems.
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    It is possible to have both CFIDS and Myofashial pain and Rhematoid Arthritis. That means your muscles hurt, your connective tissue hurts and your bones hurt = Chronic Pain Syndrome. My reumatologist believes in CFIDS, she just doesn't know what to do about it. My first neurologist said I was a candidate for a chronic pain clinic but he didn't recommend going to one because that was usually a last resort??????????
  4. linkjendal

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    My HMO Rhumatologist diagnosed me with Fibro without much pain in the trigger points. He stuck a knuckle in here and there and asked if it hurt. Well, I could feel it but I wasn't writhing with pain. He turned me over to a Fibro coach. She said I must have a mild case of Fibro and prescribed a lot of pain pills, etc. The drugs just made we sleepy.

    I got the book "What you Doctor may not tell you about Fibromyalgia" and have been following the program for three months. It's an inexpensive therapy that you can try on your own. I have to tell you that I felt 90 percent better in just two months! I've committed to the Guai for at least a year, then I'll reevaluate my situation.

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