Myofascial Pain (sp)

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    I asked my doc about checking for this but she hadn't heard of it before. she said she would be glad to check me for it if I could tell her more about it and how to check for it.

    If anyone knows about this I sure would appreciate it. Its great to even see a doc who cares to find anything new out. Well she is an OAC but I don't even know what that means...sorry.....but she is really great and really seems to care and that is a first for me.

    I am starting the SSI process so this is important for me to get anything and everything documented that I can.

    Thanks so much
  2. popgun

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    Type it into any search engine, theres are lots of imfo there.
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    I think the best site for information is by Devin Starlanyl, Just type her name in your Search Engine. She also has a few books out that have a lot of good information about MPS. Ones called "Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome, a Survivors Manual" It's easy to read and understand, she has more charts and a great deal of Treatment tips to help you.

    I have the combo of MPS/FMS and it's a Pain for sure. I see an Orthopedic Specialist and a Rhumetologist for my Syndromes.

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    Get to Devin Starlanyl's website and print out the info sheets she provides for all types of doctors and therapists, as well as patients. I have this combination of CMP and FM, too, and it is very tricky for therapists to work on and treat. The knots/trigger points of the CMP create great pain in themselves and the presence and tender points of the FM amplify the pain further. Her books are wonderfully detailed, while being easy for the layperson to understand (they are so simple that even a doctor can understand what they are explaining! LOL)