Myofascial pain syndrome & Fibro pain knots im miserable

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by campbeck97, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. campbeck97

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    Hi All, how in the world do oters handle/treat the horrible painful knots? I have a very difficult time sleeping as I have sooo many knots(feels like small to large hard marbles under my skin)esp. my whole chest,,ribs,both breast from collar bone down to almost my belly button,both sides and around on my back. I cant place a finger width anywhere in that area without having a very painful knot.,.Pain medication doesnt help at all,cant wear a bra or anything comfortabley.Is there anything that can be done???Im so sick of living in loose pjs and never going anywhere and not getting any sleep. Please any ideas are appreciated. what causes these things anyway,has anyone ever had one biopsied to see what they are?God bless each of you!
  2. deepak

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    I did something called Dry needling. It is fantastic to release these knots. They put a thin, acupuncture kind needle in the knots and break them. I am in India but if you google it I am sure you would have something there too.

    With love,
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    most fibro sufferers have myofascial pain also, due to tight muscles. When it comes to exercise and stretching always work with warm muscles and massage first! If you exercise or stretch with tight muscles all your doing is trying to make a muscle longer when its got knotted bands of muscle in already. so i use heat pad, and back and neck massager, you can get he pillow neck massager on websites and use it all over body the shiatsu one. best exercise is the ones you enjoy, for me its a stroll over the park with the dogs. i also do light pilates with my ball, and go hydro at moment and am doing light exercise, walking in water is good, also non weight bearng. i am struggling with exercise and pain at moment since i did a stint in hospital with an allergic reaction to dental injections, only takes a few weeks to get out of shape and fatigued again. I'm looking into foods that contain serotonin, dopamine, and that can change into gaba, all neurotramitters we lack and add to our problems. i dont know in hindsight some years have been better than others, thanks for your post
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    When I was at my worst I had lidocaine shots injected near the trigger points. The knots were so painful that the lidocaine had to numb the area before the physical therapist could work on the area to loosen up the knots.

    This week I will be getting lidocaine shots done in my neck to relieve the pain there. Sometimes just relieving the worst knots will reduce pain all over the body. I do these about every six months with my Osteopath doctor and then he does neck and back adjustments on the same day. These treatments are my muscle knot maintance plan.
  5. GeminiMoon

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    If you can afford it, try massage. I get huge painful knots in my neck and shoulders and often go for a mini-massage; neck and shoulder only. I ask the therapist to focus on these points and save money this way. It really, really helps to have someone work them out!
  6. Barbtn

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    I agree that the lidocaine injections work great (trigger point injections). The lidocaine doesn't last long but sometimes just getting the knot released will be enough to keep it released as long as you try to maintain it with ice or heat. sometimes just ice will release them if you get the knot cold to the point that it prevents the nerve impulse from getting through (very very cold). Also massage can do trigger point release with very firmj pressure applied to the know for a minute or two which supposedly stop the blood supply to it so it releases.
    Good luck?

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