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  1. geyedlady

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    Sorry. I didnt mark my post that I wanted emails sent to me by anyone who has experienced MFR (myofascial release therapy) specifically John Barnes MFR and if they helped significantly.

    Hugs to all from Julie (GEYEDLADY)
  2. balletdancer74

    balletdancer74 New Member

    Hi Julie,

    Funny you should mention John Barnes as my PT myofascial massage therapist in NYC suggested I look him up while I'm away from home. I managed to get some good referrals for Dallas which I'll check out once I get some form of transportation.

    Either way, MPS massage has been a godsend for me as my trigger points are much worse than my tender points. It also helps with the CFIDS/M.E. and Lyme now, etc.

    Hope it helps you as well. Remember to drink lots of water after your sessions if you've never tried this treatment before.

    Keep us informed.

    LB32 (Leeza)
  3. geyedlady

    geyedlady New Member

    How can we communicate privately in this website?

    It would be great if there were some way to exchange supportive emails.. but still respect safety of course.

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