Myofascial Release Therapy (cont.)

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    Hi Ntrlvr,

    So sorry to hear you had such a bad experience.
    Everyone responds differently to treatments and it sounds as though either this treatment or the therapist was not the one for you.

    I have had Myotherapy which is a technique taught by Bonnie Pruden. I actually had Bonnie work on me at a seminar many years ago. This is or was at that time, a focus on trigger points.
    Within 15 minutes I was in agony and ended up with a migraine headache and had to be helped to a room where I ended up vomiting.
    Pretty embarrassing for both of us.

    If the therapist you went to was doing mostly trigger point therapy then that may have been why you ended up in so much pain.
    There is a difference between Myotherapy (focuses more on trigger points) and Myofascial Release therapy (gentle stretching of the fascia)

    I also had a chiropractor work on me in with a similar technique a number of years later and after the 3rd tx. couldn't drive myself back home because I was in so much pain and again ended up with a migraine headache.
    Did not return to him...since I had explained the first 2 times that focusing on my trigger points in that manner brought no relief, just agony.

    I am curious as to what technique the therapist was trained in or if they were mixing the two, which is done, but only if the patient is tolerant of both.


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