Myofascial Release Therapy ***RELIEF for ME!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fivesue, Sep 7, 2006.

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    I'm not sure I spelled the word correctly, but I just wanted to let you know that I have found a group of PT's who practice this therapy, and after two sessions, I have had more relief from them than I have experienced since 2003 when all this body ache, fatigue, etc. started. It is miraculous.

    I just wanted to encourage anyone who might be tempted to give it a try to do so. I'm not saying it is for everyone, but it is helping me. The therapy is VERY gentle, so unlike other PT sessions, I don't come home in a flare. I come home and feel relief from pain.

    I am now going to Costco to get the balls for trigger point release recommended by the therapist yesterday. She said she could sell them to me for $17. or I could go get them for $10. at Costco. I'm on my way.

    I hope this will help someone...just my experience and wanted to share good news with everyone. Heaven knows it seems that good news with these DD's is scarce.

    Best to all,
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    That's great Sue, i've never heard this, but will look into it.

    I had one massage once, because my chiro is always pushing me to go.

    She did deep trigger points, she told me i might be a little stiff the next day.

    But nothing like what i felt, Lots of muscle pain for days, and migraine headaches!!

    Thanks for sharing, i was wondering if you were still around.

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    Thanks for the notes...

    The ball kit is called "The Miracle Ball!" It comes with two balls and a book that explains the procedure...which is not work...I'm just reading about it.

    I know what you mean about massages...regular ones throw me right into a flare...this doesn't although they suggest you drink lots of water after a session. I do, but sometimes you don't feel real good the next couple days...physically. Today, my stomach is somewhat upset and my bowels are a bit loose...I know, too much info! (-:

    Got some stuff done, but am going to rest now.

    HOpe you two are good.

    So nice ot hear from you.

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    I was in a huge flare of costochondritis, and was sent to the ER by my Fam Phys. She thought because my EKG was not normal I was having a heart attack. I spent 3 days in the hospital, all was well. I saw My RH DR and he prescribed this type of physical therapy. My Rehab center has 2 therapists who do this work. It has made my life so liveable. The pain is almost gone.

    I am continuing with therapy for another 4 weeks, 2 times a week, then I am starting water exercises. With direction from them. I can go back, my RX was open ended.

    I agree, this is not a massage, it is slow and relaxing. I am lucky, I learned hypnosis and biofeedback for headaches I had in my 20s. I have a good ability to relax, but this rib pain was impossible.

    I am new to Fibro and I also have Reactive Arthritis, and it is very painful. I know the key is to get the flares in control, and then work on posture and realize I cannot do it all anymore. I must accept and move forward, so I do not miss living. The world doesn't stop because I am in a flare. I must do what I can now, accept it for what it is.

    I am so thrilled to have found this board. It helps a lot to read. Thanks for the tip on the balls for trigger points.

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    A few years ago, there were a lot of really funny posts about the little green balls! Some of them seem to be erased now but there was great support for using them.
    I have tried them and they do help but I didn't keep it up. I do that a lot!! I must try them again.

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    For YEARS I have posted on this site the wonderful results of myofascial release.

    Everyone, if you find the RIGHT MFR therapis, it is wonderful!

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    Nancy....maybe you should check this therapy might help you tons. Anyway, it was good of you to post the info on the Miracle Balls ( I never thought of it THAT way until you said that!)...

    I think this is something new that is going to help people. That our insurance pays for it helps me to know it's not some wacky thing, but even if it was, it is helping me.

    Blessing on all of us who hurt! Maybe this new thing will be an answer to least some pain relief would be great.