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    I have thought through the years that I had fibromyalgia but have not been diagnosed by a rheumatologist. My doctor has been treating me for symptoms that I had (even though I don't think she is much into FM and illnesses like it),and Naturopath and chiropractor said it sounded like fm also. I finally went to a rheumatologist and she said it sounds more like myofascial syndrome then FM. Some of the symptoms sounds more like FM and some the other. So I am confused I know they are alot alike so as the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Please let me know how many of you have myofascial syndrome. I have been working on SSD. So I need to call my lawyer to have him send for my medical records from my rheumy. She gave me trigger point injections. Wow, Talk about pain. I am not sure how long I will beable to go to my rheumy because of the cost. Anyway hgope to hear fro some of you. God bless, Jaque
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    Yes i have Mps! it's mostly intolerable 95% of the time. It was Dx.ed the same time as the FM. and the way i handle it is alot of stretching and the tennis ball against the wall routine!

    I also do lite Yoga every morning and sometimes at night to if my muscles are to tight before bedtime!

    Hayley hit the nail on the head for treatment it's alot of work and you have to do it everyday for it to be affective! at least in my case!!.....................................Goodluck!!.................Sydney
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    i have suffered with cmp for years although i didnt know what it was until the fibro kiched in and i started to press the dr what was wrong with me. they could have cared less about the back pains i had for years they just kept sending me to pt. i dont think i would be this bad if the dr would have told me years ago what was wrong. this makes me mad i could of had some what of a life. charlene
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    It ONLY took me over 20 years to get dxed with both of these things - FM/CMPS. As I understand it that many times they go together. My rheumy seemed to know that right away. I had info to show her but I didn't need to it to her. Most of my problems since I started with the Ebstein Barr Viral Syndrome MANY years ago started in my head and neck area and the rest just kind of just came along little by little along also with all the CFS stuff.
    I brought along a good history and copies of recent labs that showed that nothing else was causing it and my thyroid had already been finally put under control. Had to go to an endo first and then a ereumy. I was dxed right way with all my "ammo". I almost dxed myself (-: !!
    I found alot of good info on both, esp the CMP on-line from soem very knowledgable people who live with it daily and have written about it/them. There seems to be quite a afew people who have both inc CFS that probably started it all in the first place.

    I have been taking some PT which has been somewhat helpful but I think I had better try and do some of this myself if I can. Have to go and get some tennis balls and and old sock and see what I can possibly can do. That must be a pretty thing to see trying to this (-: !!! I have learned along time ago that you neeed alot of humor with theis DD or shoudl I say DD's since they are more thean one ( even if they are not exactly diseses but syndromes (or at least that is what they say).

    Sorry to be so long and to hear about all your problems.


    Granniluvsu (Marilyn)

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    Two months ago I saw my second Rheumatologist in a three & half year period. This one did the tender or trigger point tests and said he found only 4 trigger points so doesn't think I have FM. He thinks it is Myofascial Pain Syndrome combined with the fact that I am riddled with Arthritis. He gave me exercises to do each morning, I now go for aquatic therapy twice a week. My meds are Prozac 10mg., Klonopin .5 three times a day. This Rheumatologist added Lodine an anti-inflammatory that I don't see any relief from and also Flexeril which makes me loopy. On really bad nights when my muscles are their tightest, I have been breaking a 10mg Flexeril in 4 parts & taking 2.5mg. and that is only if I am not asleep by say 1:00 AM. I see a psychiatrist once a month for depression and anxiety. Taking things one day at a time. Can't really tell you what is the difference between Myofascial Pain and Fibro. They sure seem to have the same symptoms.
    I will ask Rheumy during my next appointment, however, as you probably know, you're in and you're out....see you in two months.