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    Hello: I have had Fibro along with Degenerative Disc Disease a herniated disc and chronic fatigue for the past 15 years. Now I have been diagnosed with myositis. To begin with the Dr's thought it may have been caused by my Statin but after being off of it for 2 months my blood work still shows the myositis.
    I am having severe pain in my legs and it is very difficult to rise from a sitting position and also to sit. Going up steps is terrible. I am just at a total loss on what I need to do or what to expect from this. My pain management Dr. is out of town so I don't have anyone to talk to about this. So I just wondered if any of you have experienced this or know anything about it? Thanks in advance!
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    Were you diagnosed? Or did the Dr. suggest you might have myositis?
    Infectious myositis is diagnosable by biopsy. The blood work would only show general infection or inflammation so whether it is causing the leg pain would be uncertain. However most myositis is thought to be immunological and barely distinguishable from Fibromyalgia.

    The symptoms you describe are quite common to fibromyalgia however you may have a separate problem.
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    Yes my Dr. has actually diagnosed me with myositits from blood work that has been done. But the Dr.'s now are sending me thru a whole other work up for this. I am having to have all kinds of blood tests and an MRI to see if the pain might be coming from my back. So it is like here I go again like when I was first diagnosed with Fibro.

  4. IanH

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    The fact they are doing MRI of your spine is exactly what they should be doing because a lot of FM is caused by spinal stenosis in people who are genetically susceptible to widespread pain as a consequence of spinal nerve compression. Slowly but surely Specialists are beginning to realize this. It is not satisfactory that people are diagnosed FM and not given scan of their spine. FM is ALWAYS a symptom of an underlying pathology and should not be left as a diagnosis of FM. -NEVER!

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