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    i am 38 years old. 2 months ago, i started having "lightning bolt" pains near my knee cap. it then started near my ankle, then my wrist, next my elbow. they are sharp, dagger-like pains that only last for 5 seconds or less. i say near my joint because it doesn't exactly go directly thru the joint, but rather, off to the side of the joint. hope this makes some sense to someone.

    a month ago, my jaw started to hurt and it hasn't stopped. the head pain started 2 weeks ago and that has yet to subside either. i have had numbness in my hands & feet for a year & i'm getting use to that, but now know that it may have something to do with my illness. i started having bladder issues 2 months ago & will be having an interstitial cystitis test next week to determine if i have IC. i read that IC can be associated with FM. doctors can't figure out what is going on. as i said, i had a brain mri & it shows nothing but maybe some irritation within the sinus cavity, of which they do not believe has anything to do with the pain in my jaw/head. they put me on nerve pain med (usually perscribed for those with seizures) & it has helped some - i don't have as much joint pain. do have some muscle pain too, that also just lasts a few seconds : (

    i need help. i don't know where to turn. can't get into the neurologist til February. had my eyes examined last week & everything is fine there. do i have fibromyalgia? doctor says no since he did a quick tender point check on right side of shoulder, upper back, and lower back. does anyone know what is happening here?

    thank you for listening.
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    Another type of an autoimmune disorder. has any of your Dr's done a Sed Rate, or an ANA test on you???? Those are helpful.
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    You have many symptoms of a Chronic Borrelia burgdorferi infection (lyme).

    Please read through this booklet and symptom list...

    Many aches and pains , numbeness, IC are all common with lyme.

    Most Dr's are not lyme literate and do not recognize the symptoms or know how to diagnose it.

    This paper was written by a lyme expert....

    Lyme tests are very unreliable and usually negative even when you have lyme. Dr's rely on the tests which end up missing most cases of lyme.

    Try to get a Western blot IgG and IgM from Igenex lab in CA , test #188 and #189. call and order free test kit and get a Dr to order the tests.

    Western blots from other labs are not the same. A lyme screen/ELISA is worthless.

    Go to click on flash discussion....sign up for on Medical Questions posts and post your questions.

    The longer lyme is untreated, the harder it is to treat.