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    are you getting Excited about the new puppy?? 3 more day's right? Bet Tucker is Excited too! lolol,,,,,,,Sis
  2. sisland

    sisland New Member

    sounds Exciteing! I'm sure the cats will keep Tucker in Line while your gone,,,,,,I Know about the long drives and the pain that goes with and then the Next day pain!,,,,,,,

    It will be good for Tucker to Have a play Mate! Wonder what the cats will think? lol,,,,,,,,

    I Happen to be Luckys only playmate unless one of the Girls come home with their Dogs!,,,,,He wears me out Because he's still in the puppy stage,,,,cath you later!,,,,,,,Sisland
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    sisland New Member

    I was just thinking a Pink Bandanna for Kellie and a Blue for,,Tucker,,,,,,,S
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    I Forgot how old is Kellie? I'm sure she won't be to hard to train not to eat the cat food! If you don't have time i bet the Kitties will do it for you!,,,lolol,,,

    Don't worry be Happy! everything will work out fine! I just got back From taking Lucky dog to the Vet for another Vacination,,,

    ,And then i had to make a couple other stops along the way! so needless to say he's passed out now taking a nap!

    There's a photo of a Bald Eagle now in my profile,,, More park photos,,,,,,,

    Getting your Nickers in a Bundle at my House is called "Don't get your Underpants in a wad" lolol,, and then my youngest girl would add "Wad, Wad, Wad!,,,,,,,,Lol I worry too!.,,,,,,,S
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    So Glad to Hear the Good News! Tucker will probably Have some "She's My Mom" Issues! lolol! How cute that she's so Attached to you and Hubby already!

    Hey If the Cats don't care your probably home free! Lol! I Took Lucky Boy in for his Rabies Vacine on Thursday and He did well!

    Last time we Had to get a Vaccine He had an Allergic Reaction so i had to give him a half of a Benadryl Tablet before we Left ,,,,,,,

    ,Good Thing Because the Vet Charges 22.00 for a Benadryl Shot and i got the tabs on sale for 3.45 Yea! Today we were romping around in the Park for awhile so He Loved that!,,,,
    Have a great Nap with your 2 babies!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sydney
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    Hello Again!

    The Security issue seems to be a Big thing with rescue pets! I Had a little gal named Daisy mae,,,,Half Spitz / Pom,,,about 7 years old,,She had very huge security issues and also a seizure disorder also a digestive problem! I Knew non of this when i Adopted her,,,,But it Didn't matter i just wanted to give her a good Home,,,,Had Her for about 3 years! loved her sooo Much, spent lots of Money at the Vets!,Had to put her down last september/ from the Epilepsy disorder! She looked just like Tucker But had a Red Coat!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Kellie is still young enough to get her security bearings! God Bless you for Helping Her ! Does she Have the long Hair like Tucker?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A Bed on the Floor is a great idea!I'm Thinking the older she gets the more Tucker will play with her!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sis

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