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    Starting taking 2.5mg NADH from this site a couple of weeks ago and upped it to 5mg today. Am seeing at least a 25% improvement in fatigue,,,,no naps the last 4 days and total downtime in bed has been shortened by a couple of hours. This is heaven for me.

    The problem is I also started taking Plaquenil for lupus a couple of days after starting NADH. Guess the only way to find out if the NADH is making the difference is to discontinue it for awhile, but, I am enjoying my newfound freedom so much. I am now getting 4 to 6 hours a day out of bed and am loving it so I am reluctant to discontinue the NADH,,,,I am well aware that we should only try one product at a time, but, my NADH came in the mail 2 days after the Plaquenil and I was desperate.

    Anyone else had luck with NADH and reduction in fatigue? Best of luck, Tulip
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    I started taking NADH about 18 months ago. I had gone really downhill again and felt as though every cell in my body and brain was grinding to a halt. The NADH certainly helped in this matter in that I could function a little more, and when we get very bad any small improvement makes a real difference to our lives.

    For me it didn't do a lot more but it "woke" me up enough to realise how bad everything had got. Have had times on and off this supp, it's always just that little better when I use it. Stopped recently due to reactions to heat thinking it might have contributed to those, but as it had turned out it makes no difference.

    If it helps perhaps you should continue for a while, we rarely get better just addressing one thing, it may well be that's it's the combination that is helping.

    Hope this improvement continues.


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