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    Hi Everyone~~The original NADH, commercial name Enada, comes in various forms now. There is the pill I talked about in a recent thread which was asking for ideas to help with chronic fatigue, and now there is one called Enada Alert which can be taken any time an hour before you need an energy boost and lasts 4 hours or so, and I believe there is a sublingual now that you put under your tongue. So, you need to aware of what type you are buying.

    I used the original pill you take in the morning first thing on an empty stomach, chased by a bottle of water to get it out of the stomach fast, and wait 30 minutes after taking it before you eat, drink, or take any other meds.

    When I first bought it in the Health Store five years ago, it cost $28 or $29 for 30 5mg tablets. When I started buying it from this site, I got 60 5mg tablets for $29.45 plus 5.95 S&H for a total of $34.40. This would last me for a month as I took 10mgs every morning. Considering all the money I had tried on everything else through the decades that didn't work--$34.40 for a month's supply of something that literally worked a Miracle on "my CFS" was a small price to pay. I pay considerably more than that for one bottle of one month's supply of pain meds, and that is with insurance.

    I tried the Enada Alert for a for a couple of days, but did not get the same results, and they were extremely expensive for only about 6 to a box I think it was. I have never tried the sublingual.

    After taking the regular Enada for two years, I found I only needed to take it twice a week to get the same benefits thus decreasing the amount I required and cost, but I have ended up with several stacks of unopened, mailed boxes of Enada that I had on automatic monthly order from this site.

    The information sheet included in the Enada package I receive from this site says "ENADA*NADH is the only patented, stabilized, absorbable form of NADH (B-Nicotinimide Adenine Dinucleotide). For "Therapeutic or Medicinal Protocol--two (10mg) to three (15mg) tablets daily depending on your individual requirements and the guidance of your physician or healthcare professional"......"Your response may vary and dosage should be adjusted accordingly. To conclusively determine if NADH can be of benefit to you, use of the product is recommended for a period of at least two months".

    My mate tried the Enada Alert for a couple of days also. He took it at noon and said it really gave him a boost of energy for the entire afternoon, and he really felt positive and in a good state of mind the rest of the day. However, we didn't order any more because there were only about 6 or 8 pills in a box, and it was quite expensive. He does not have CFS.

    ANDREE, I don't know if you can get it in Canada or not. You might try calling some Health Stores and see if they carry it or can order it. OR, perhaps you can order it from this site? I know it is much, much cheaper from this site than buying it per box at a Health Store.

    However, the mystery of how various things work for different people leaves us with a constant trial & error procedure. But, whatever you try--you need to give it sufficient time to see if it is beneficial to you or not. My sister-in-law had to take the original Enada (the kind I take in the morning) for two and ahalf months before it kicked in for her--but once it did--she received excellent benefits from it.

    Why it worked so well for me by the 8th day--I have no idea. Why so many other things I tried through the years didn't work--I don't know. If something is working for you--stay with it. If you haven't found anything yet--keep searching & trying one thing at a time. Just don't give up.

    I wish everyone the best of luck in finding something that works for you because CFS is such a miserable, debilitating illness to live with. Blessings, Carol....
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    Maybe you can clear up one point for me - is or is not Enada a vitamin? That would not be a problem for me but I would like to recommend it to my cousin with CFS. She is allergic to vitamins, however. She said any vitamins make her sick.

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    I have been taking the NADH for a few months now, and it has helped tremendously with my mental alertness and energy. I think it could be labeled as a "vitamin" but it is a chemical that is suppose to be released by the brain, hypothalomous, etc.

    I first tried the 2 5 mg tablets in the morning. Very good results along with magnesium, potassium, amino acid, CLA, multi-vitamin taken 30 minutes after the NADH.

    I then tried the quick disolve and got less of a benefit so I switched back. I am finding that I need to take less of the NADH tablets also during the week.

    A little expensive also $25 for 15 tablets but well worth the cost if that is what it takes to keep me active and working.
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    I've ben looking at research on niacin in the form of nicotinic acid (there are other forms) along with C for mental problems like depression etc. for my son.

    What my research found on doctor yourself is that NADH is the final desirable end product of the niacin, and rather than having to take horrendous amounts of niacin (like 3 -- 10 grams), they achieved the same results with 5--10 mg of NADH.

    Hope this helps.