NADH helpful?

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    I so appreciate all of the suggestions so many of you have given me. Another question. In my surfing, NADH comes up frequently as a suggestion for relief of fatigue and/or depression. Has anyone had any experience with this supplement? Thank you, Barbara
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    and you'll see some interesting posts re: nadh.

    bumping this for you also.

    take care
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    Hi Barbara,

    I started taking NADH 3 weeks ago and have seen some improvement in the fatigue. Instead of napping for 2 additional hours everyday, I'm awake, but, still bedridden.

    Best of luck.

  4. paulalbert

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    I found NADH to have a negative effect after a week or so.

  5. tansy

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    helped kickstart me out of a different fatigue that set in nearly 5 years ago. This time it felt as though every cell in my body was grinding to a halt and was not the same as the cfs fatigue I'd experienced before and since.

    Well it had an immediate affect and I had to adjust my eating patterns to avoid the jitters. Then I added Co Q 10 and things settled down more.

    I've used it on and off since then. There is a difference and using it brought about the start of the long haul back I'm on now.

    This is one the supplements that only helps some people.

    I tried it because the test they used was the same that had shown a marked deficiency when a holistic doc arranged one for me years before. Also I knew my cells were not producing enough energy and the literature I read made sense to me.

    I always research any supps, herbs, meds, etc thoroughly. If it makes sense and feels right then I will try it. Sometimes though we have to accept trial runs, just to see if something's going to help.


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    I tried it.It did Nada!!!baahaa!!LOL I would have been better off taking a M&M and expecting to get pain relief!! I'm kiddin!!! On a serious note: I bought the 10 ct for around $10....thank god I did'nt get the bigger more expensive box!!!It did'nt do anything~ I tried it for 3-4 days then gave em away. Some others here do like it tho.It just was'nt for me.