NADH, how much of it?

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  1. Shazzy

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    Hi all.

    What is that right amount of NADH to consume a day. I have just started on 5mg and also how long until it starts to work.
    Thanks for advice.
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    Dear Shazzy,

    I`m writing to everyone today,
    Just left a post on Olive Leaf Extract, I gave Dawn Nadh, it`s very expensive and I don`t know if it worked cos I gave her so many other things too, but because of the cost she was only on it for 2 months.

    You need to treat the cause not the symptoms, I think OLE is a better bet to try, and much cheaper.

    Love to you hons

    Pat x
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    Hi Shazzy~~I am 53 and have had FM/CFS for over 35 years. During my life, I have spent a fortune and tried so many different things in an effort to find improvement. I work, and I always felt so exhausted, run down, tired, worn out, and as tired when I work up in the morning as when I went to bed that night. I never had any energy, forced myself to do things, had alot of brain fog, difficulty concentrating, a constant low grade anxiety level, and as though there was a dark cloud hanging over me. Nothing I ever tried worked.

    Then, one morning three years ago, my mate was listening to the Health Watch segment on CNN while having his morning coffee before going to work. In this Health Watch segment, they spotlighted NADH and told about how this doctor had formulated it for work with Alzhiemer's patients, and how much it had benefitted them. Then, through extensive research discovered that many people with CFS/CFIDS shown marked improvement by using it. So, my mate bought me a box of 30 5mg tablets at a health food store for $28.

    I started taking 10mgs first thing in the morning on an empty stomach chased by a bottle of water. It's very important to get it dissolved and out of the stomach as soon as possible so the stomach acids don't destroy it.

    For the first 7 days, I saw no effect/zip/nada. Then, at 10 o'clock on the 8th day--it was as though someone had turned on a Light! I instantly noticed that the low grade anxiety was gone and took "worry" with it; my entire body felt lighter; the dark cloud had disappeared; my frame of mind was positive; the brain-fog was gone; my concentration was clear; there was no sense of melancholy or depression, and for the first time in decades--I had energy!

    As I continued to take it, the benefits got better & better. My energy increased as the days passed. My sense of humor returned; I laughed easily; things did not get me down or bother me like they used to; I developed such a positive, happy outlook on life, and once again I recognized an energetic, go-getter person I hadn't seen in so very long~~ME! I felt happy.

    There was no rush to it, no high, no sense of being on any kind of pill. It completely did away with my CFS as long as I used it. But, one time I quit taking it, and it took about 10 days for the benefits of it to wear off--and then I was right back into the darkness of CFS.

    It did not help with the pain of FM, but it certainly lit up my life and was worth every penny.

    However, I started buying it here on this site, and it was much cheaper than buying it in a health store.

    The literature says it can take up to 90 days to see any benefits, but mine began after 8 days. Also, you can up the dosage to whatever works for you.

    After I took 10mgs every day for a year, I found that I didn't even have to take it every day anymore. The second year, I took 10mgs every other day. Now, I take 10mgs 3x's a week and receive the same results.

    I would encourage you to give it the full 90 day trial period. Be sure to take it first thing on an empty stomach and chase it with a full bottle of water as fast as you can to get it dissolved and out of the stomach--or the stomach acids destroys its beneficial properties.

    Best Wishes to you. I hope you get the Terrific, Life-Changing results I did. It was a Miracle for me! Carol....

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    There are so many conflicting ideas
    on how to treat these DD's and I have
    been trying to do some research online and sorting out things. One
    good resourse that I found on Google
    Search and on Msn Search is the NCAHF
    (The National Council Against Health
    Fraud). There are others but so far this is the one I have read the most
    thoroughly. Worth checking out before
    you make any decisions about what to
    try. Then you can go from there to
    individual items and read both the
    glowing articles on it and the articles that have a different opinion. Somewhere in there you can
    decide for yourself what might be
    best. Hugs, Bambi
  5. Shazzy

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    Thanks for your replys and advice and a special thanks to yours carol on writing in such detail. Your email was very comforting to read. I will continue to increrase mine up to 15mg and hopefully i will get a result soon.

    Kind regards,