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  1. susiek

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    Anybody tried NADH?


  2. spacee

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    I take it for my bladder. The coating is D-Mannitol which is suppose to prevent E Coli from attaching to the bladder.
    It has been a godsend for that. I take 10mg

    I have not noticed that it does much for my energy unless I take it late at nite and then it keeps me awake. Wish it did more for me during the day.

  3. CelticLadee

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    Hello Susie,

    I gave it a go for three months but it was costly and didn't seem to make any difference for me.

    Well, except it did help me with not having the urgency to tinkle so much.

    I know there are others it has helped though. I have been told you just have to try it for yourself to see how you react to it.

  4. spacee

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    This morning I woke up too early and was hardly able to keep my eyes open. I really wanted to go to exercised class but just didn't think I would be able to stay awake another hour till the class. So I decided to take the Enada....and it WORKED! The sleepiness left and I was alert.

    So I would NOW say that it can benefit me if I am about to nod off during the day. I guess that is why it is recommended for jetlag. It did not give me more energy for the class though.

  5. tansy

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    successful supp I took after things got worse again. I'd had the urine tests done which now demonstrate who is most likely to benefit, mine was markedly high showing a deficiency in B3 and/or B6, this was done 18 years ago. I told my heamotologist a few years back and he just scoffed, "that only happens in cancer"; despite thinking otherwise he has very little understanding of ME.

    When I started this it felt as though every cell in my body and brain was grinding to a halt, NADH felt as though it was bringing me back to life again. I stayed on it for 6 months, now I use Co Q 10 which now works well and the effects are more sustainable, though the Co Q 10 had no effect before I'd taken NADH and the bromelain.

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  6. spacee

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    Wow, you really had a great reaction to the NADH. Then on with the bromelain and CoQ10. This illness is step by step, isn't. Feel like I have finally gotten the hang of this ENADA. It can be such a help. Evidently, for me, my brain is tired before my body. So, now I have had about 4 times of feeling very sleepy that the Enada has helped trememously. Timing seems to be everything for me.


  7. deliarose

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    I tried it occasionally and noticed some benefit, but not enof to justify the expense, so I stopped using it.

    That was some time ago, but I just saw Dr. Charles Lapp and he said the studies they did with NADH at Georgetown University showed that most people didn't feel teh benefit until they had been on it 6-12 months!

    So I'm back trying it again. Can't say I see a huge difference but it's early days, and I'm beginning to realise that I need to be consistent with these supplements/meds/whatever.
  8. spacee

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    That was back 1991-1996. He is really a nice doc. I got better with the Kutapressin and B-12 shots he was recommending at the time. Not well by any means but better.

    Now so much info is on the internet that I stick with my local docs.


  9. deliarose

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    Can you share a little more about your treatment success with him?

    I found him to be quite conservative, which may or may not be a good thing..but clearly it makes sense to start out conservatively and go from there.

    I just wonder when I hear about all these people taking Heparin or anti-virals if they might not help also.