NAET is changing my life!

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    Hi all,

    In case you haven't read any of the posts regarding NAET, I highly urge all of you suffering from allergies to do so. I learned about it a year ago, bought the book which thoroughly explains the technique and while I was very interested, my skepticism prevented me from giving it a shot. This spring, my health rapidly deteriorated and my allergies became very intense. I was seeking treatment at the FFC - IV nutraceuticals, anti-virals, hormones and became even more sick. After two months of convincing myself it was just die-off reaction, I sought out a clinic that administered colonics because I was so toxic and was not eliminating enough. They also did NAET there and I decided to give it a shot. We tested all the medications/supplements I was on and discovered that I was allergic to about 90% of them!

    I never really took my food allergies serious enough until they became so threatening and this was my breaking point. With NAET, I discovered that I am allergic to a lot of other things in my environment and I believe that these layers of allergies are what has been making me ill. I've been doing NAET for 3 months and the change in my health has been so dramatic that it's altered the way I perceive chronic fatigue (which I've had for at least the past 9 years). For example, I was diagnosed with a chronic EBV infection. I was on Famvir for 2 months and still sick as a dog. After discovering my Famvir allergy, I stopped taking the medication and gave NAET a try. I was treated for EBV twice with NAET. After those treatments, I saw a huge difference in my energy. My brain fog started to slowly lift and I have not had that chronic viral feeling that has plagued me forever. I am getting stronger - both mentally and physically and my energy is elevating every day. I couldn't get out of bed on the weekends for the months of May and June. Now, I am active and although I still need to pace myself, I truly believe that I am on the right path that will restore my health. Every treatment amazes me because it reprograms your body not to react to certain allergens. By NAET's definition, allergies are anything that is incompatible with your body's energy. I know, I said "yeah right" too but I have seen such incredible improvement in my health and can once again eat foods that I thought I was sworn away from forever.

    Sorry to get on a soapbox about this but everytime I read the boards and listen to your stories, I feel so sad and disheartened because I understand what it means to live in avoidance with no choice but acceptance while struggling to live like everyone else and blend in with the rest of the world. It's a miserable feeling and nobody "healthy" understands the consequences you face by eating that bowl of rice or by attending church knowing you will need to lie down the whole day because the lady next to you wore a strong perfume. I want to share my experience because it has been such a life altering one and has given me hope. God knows we all need that! So many of you are on loads of medications and supplements but may not realize that your body could very well be rejecting the very substances that are supposed to be making you better. I was allergic to B complex vitamins! When I started taking mass dosages of them through the FFC, my whole nervous system went out of whack. I felt like I was going out of my mind and it affected everything around me.I was literally having a nervous breakdown. Now, it makes sense to me...B complex is crucial for energy and emotional health! It's present in most grains, fruit and vegetables (a source of many of my food allergies) Since I've been treated for B complex, I don't react to it anymore, and am supplementing it back into my diet again. My nutritionist/NAET practitioner said that it can take at least 6 months for frayed nerves to heal but the extreme hypersensitivity that took over my life and threw me into panic attacks and contant nervousness started to go away after the first month and is becoming less and less problematic. I am feeling more relaxed and mentally strong. So much that my psychologist thinks I'm a comletely different person.

    There's no magic cure but with proper nutrition and this wonderful allergy elimination technique, I think my body has been given a huge advantage in healing itself.My next challenge is to start working exercise into the mix so that I continue to rebuild and get stronger. I hope that you all will find the answers you seek to end the misery whether it's NAET or some other solution. No one thing works for everyone but never give up on empowering yourself with knowledge or keeping an open mind to options that are not so mainstream. Good luck to you all!


    Check out the NAET website if you are interested: I found the book "Say Goodbye to Illness" to be very informative (it's on the site) and the site lists practitioners all over the world.
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    I just wanted to add in a different perspective of NAET. I started with NAET about 4 years ago and did not find huge results…but subtle ones. Furthermore, when I ‘cleared’ a treatment, but told my practitioner I was still having noticeable problems, the blame always fell on my shoulders. Somehow, I must be mistaken or eating something else because my practitioner assured me my allergy was cleared.

    A few years later I tried this treatment again (along with NMT and bioset) with a really wonderful practitioner. She literally got me functional again after being bed-bound. I moved away however (feeling pretty good), but the results slowly slipped away over about 9 months. I am going to start seeing her again this week.

    Anyway, I do support the energy therapies because I have seen them work on myself and others—I do not, however, think they are an ultimate treatment for CFS/FM.
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    I'm so glad NAET is working for you!!! I've been doing it since May and it's also really helping me!

    This past summer has been my best in years , healthwise, and I know it's because of the NAET.

    I'm a teacher and I was a little afraid that I'd feel awful again once I started school, but so far so good!

    Hope you continue to feel better. You mentionned that you're going to start incorporating exercise, I started doing Pilates two weeks ago and I love it!!!

    Thanks for sharing your progress!

    Hugs and Prayers
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    Whatever helps, helps. Sometimes what helps one person may not help another.

    I am glad you got some relief.
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    My practitioner has numerous antigens and there is a whole case that contains antigens for different virus', bacteria and candida. That is what she used to clear me for EBV. After muscle testing me for the infectious panel, we found that I have quite a few virus' and bacteria to treat for. One of the therapists at the clinic who has FM said that she's noticed the most improvement after clearing for these things as well. I have also had a clearing for mycoplasm. Didn't notice as significant a change after that one but everytime I do a treatment, I feel a little bit stronger. Still have much to treat but I plan on getting more bloodwork down the line to see what kind of physiological change has occurred as a result of NAET. I'm guessing that if my viral antibody levels decrease, it is testimony that NAET works. Regardless, I know how I feel and I'm definitely feeling better that's testimony enough for me. I always hesitated in saying that before because I always knew a relapse was waiting around the corner but I'm much more confident now.

    I've done clearings for a lot of materials, foods and even emotions. The emotional clearing was really intense and occurred after having a complete meltdown. After doing that clearing, I had a very quick change in my mental attitude. It was so significant that people around me started noticing the change and commenting that I'm so different and stronger.

    I'm wondering... What has your experience with NAET been like? How long have you been receiving treatments? Is white rice the only thing you can eat or have you been able to reintroduce other foods yet? Hope you are seeing some good results with NAET too!
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    Funny you mention pilates. I plan on starting up again with that. I used to do the Winsor Pilates and found it to be such a great strengthening exercise. I always felt very relaxed after a workout. Must come in handy after working with children all day :-D

    Glad you are seeing such great results with NAET. Please keep me posted of your progress! I'm so interested in hearing about others experience with it. I was blessed to find a very knowledgable and intuitive Level III practitioner and we've covered so much ground. Most amazing is the awareness it creates about yourself and puts you so in tune with your body. Good luck with it!

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    Thank you so much for sharing your experience, GFB. This is something that I have been considering for some time but the price is scaring me away at the moment.

    Can you give me an idea of what the treatment involves? Do you have to sit up or lie down for any length of time? I have severe CFS and either would be very hard on me.

    How do you know that your practitioner is a good one? I remember Ralph emphasizing how important it is to have a good one with lots of experience. He suggested asking the practioner for referrals to clients. I don't know if I would be bold enough to do that.

    I will send away for that book but would appreciate any info you can add. I know that this may not work for all but it is something that I feel that I should try.

    Again, thank you for sharing.
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    How much does these treatments cost? How do I find a practioner in my area? Western Maryland
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    Hi Pepper,

    I'm more than happy to offer information about my experience. I found my practioner when I sought out a clinic that performed colonics because I was feeling so toxic and horrible. Luckily the clinic had a website and that's where I learned about colonics and NAET. My gut feeling said to give it a try but I was hesitant, like you, to do either treatment due to cost and blew the whole idea off for a year. It wasn't until I became so seriously ill and overly toxic that I made the appointment for the colonic and then ultimately, started up with NAET.

    I didn't really research my NP because I never considered how one practitioner would differ from another until I started treatments. I was lucky because my NP is a Level 3 practioner which means that she has taken her learning to the highest degree of this treatment. She's also a certified nutritionist and has experienced life-threatening illness and overcame it so she offers a very broad perspective on illness and recovery. She became a NP after experiencing NAET herself so that alone makes her very effective as a practioner. My advice would be to find a higher level practitioner if you are not comfortable with calling their clients. At least you know that they have a lot of training. On the website, it lists the level of training each practitioner has received. Ralph could probably provide more insight about that though. I'm just speculating. The one thing I have come to believe is that true healers do exist and while experience is valuable, intuition and an open mind is just as powerful.

    I've heard that many practitioners differ in their practice so my experience may not be consistent with others. My treatments are done sitting down and my NP actually uses a surrogate for all patients because it allows her to work very quickly and cover more ground which actually saves you money in the end. The book explains the use of a surrogate in depth but they are generally used when working on very sick people, animals and children. The treatments are gentle, however, occasionally I experience a reaction while clearing allergies that are very strong. I immediately notify the NP and she stops the reaction by stimulating accuppressure points. This is very common. In the 24 hour time period that follows, I sometimes experience subtle symptoms as my energy cycle is clearing the allergy but the days that follow, I feel really good.

    My NP charges $130 for the first appointment and $75 each appointment after. The appointment lasts about an hour even though it's supposed to only be a half hour. I never pay more than $75 per visit. I go weekly.

    Although the expense can be overwhelming I rationalize it this way: When I have a treatment, I receive a whole hour of personalized attention to my health. Every detail I give my NP is taken into consideration and we work together to troubleshoot my health. To me, that kind of care in invaluable. Although it seems that I have a neverending amount of allergies, by uncovering them, I am getting better in short amount of time considering I've been sick for years. This is what keeps me going back every week. I feel that as long as I can manage once a week, I'll continue until I feel it's time to taper off. With NAET, some people only go once a month. You are in control so you decide what's best for you or what you can afford to do or try. As others have stated here, what works for some may not work for others but it is in trying that we learn what does or doesn't work for us, right?

    Above all, trust your instincts. If you are not happy with a NP, try another or ask for referrals on this board. If you live in NJ, I can give you the name of my NP. I wouldn't feel comfortable cold calling either but there's bound to be someone online who can point you in the right direction. I really do recommend reading the book first so that you understand the therapy. This way, the NP does less explaining and can get to work right away (remember, you're paying for their time so it's best to do your research, then bring up questions along the way.)

    I hope that helps answer some of your questions. I can never seem to post without writing a novel so I'll end here but I hope I helped shed some light! I'm always eager to discuss NAET so if you decide to go ahead with it, please post your experience. Good Luck!

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    The website will list practitioners in your area: I pay $75 for an hour session

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    I think I will order the book and do my research first as you suggest. It makes sense to take up less of the practitioner's time.

    Ralph has stated in the past that it doesn't really matter what level the practitioner has taken as long as they have had lots of practice with it. Unfortunately, he is no longer on the board so we cannot use him as a resource.

    I had many many colonics in the early few years of these DD's and they began to make me very ill. Maybe it was from the toxins being released, I don't know. At any rate, I had to stop them because I was just too sick from them after awhile.

    My CFS doc insists that it is all a matter of finding the right combination of things that works for each individual. I think that NAET might be one part of the puzzle for me.

    I live in Ottawa, Ontario and there are not too many who do NAET here so I don't have much choice. First, I will order the book. And I will keep you posted.

    I hope that you will keep us posted on your progress too.

    Thank you so much for all this information.
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    Pepper, I haven't been on the board in about a week, what happened to Ralph? Why isn't he going to be on the board anymore?

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    I am glad this is helping you, I have been following the posts about NAET and would do it in a second!
    Only this treatment is not available to me in my country, I hope that someday it will be.
    Good luck and keep us posted.

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    Aparently Ralph was banned. I can't speak to the circumstances, because I do not know why, I just know that I read (by one of the moderators) that he was banned, I believe about a week ago. I will certainly miss his sage advice on naturopathic care, that's for sure----Sbilek & Ralph were the ones who led me to investigate the NAET treatments to begin with! I will be the next one banned if I give an opinion on all the recent banning, so I'm not commenting. OK, back to NAET...

    Just wanted to say that my treatments are cheaper than GFBs, probably because I'm in the midwest, where things tend to run less. My initial treatment was $65, the rest of my appointments are $41. And my doctor has extensive training, his nurse (who generally does my treatments) is great, too, and they are both listed on the NAET site as practitioners. My doctor also works regularly with the oncology doctors at a large local hospital, has been doing so for years, so it gives you an idea of the respect that the traditional medical docs feel for him.

    In my case, my treatments cost me exactly $1 more than my health insurance co-pay when I see a specialist under my Blue Cross plan. So even though insurance doesn't cover my NAET, it's pretty reasonable.

    DO some checking about fees----there can be a wide variation depending on where you are located. I really respect that my NAET doc realizes and openly states on his website & office literature that most insurance does not pay for this, and that he knows discretionary income is going to pay for this---something patients don't have lots of. So he tries to keep the costs down as much as possible.

    Good luck to everyone trying this----I'm still working on my food/supp allergies and have a ways to go, but NAET has virtually eliminated my nasal/hay fever type symptoms. Where I live, ragweed & mold spores (things that used to cripple me) are higher than ever this year, and I'm not even aware of it, because I literally never sneeze or use a kleenex, or pick up a bottle of Flonase or Claritin, etc----all things that used to be part of my survival kit. Now it's a thing of the past.

    So NAET works, I really believe it!


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    Pam, tx for letting me know about Ralph. I kinda figured that is what happened since all his posts have been deleted. I was off the board for over a week, so musta happened in that time.

    That is a real shame and he will be missed by a lot of folks here. He has been really instrumental in referring a lot of people to good alternative practitioners, in my opinion, and has been also instrumental in giving some that little extra push of encouragement needed to try something alternative versus traditional methods.

    I hope the tenor of this board doesn't change as a result.

    No need for a reply, anyone, in case the branded iron of "banishment" will come tumbling down upon you.

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    Can you please tell me the name of your NAET Practitioner as i am thinking of seeing one...have been suffering a lot for last 3 years.<BR>
    thanks in advance !!!<BR>
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    You might want to check out some of this allergy information by someone who had severe allergies, and who checked out NAET and a number of other modalities:<BR>
    <BR><br><br>[<i>This Message was Edited on 02/11/2013</i>]
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    Naet has helped me a little bit with food intolerances but it is also good to know that the treatment takes a whole lot of energy and can be quite hard to handle if you are already low on that. Even though you only have to lie down what ever is going on inside is quite a lot to take. For me it was only partially covered by the insurance, that and it taking so much of my energy made me have to stop going after over a year of treatment. I went down to once every two weeks but even that was to heavy on my energy budget to be able to keep dealing with day to day life. Still I'm glad I got the treatment since it did make life a little easier on me food wise and has helped to have less migraines. It hasn't done anything for me energywise.