NAET Question for SBilek and Pam_D

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kch64, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. kch64

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    Dear Sbilek,

    You had posted to me about NAET. I was treated for sugar and have many more to go. I was feeling good until the treatment, now I'm aching. Do you think its from going through the treatment?

    Did you ever have these types of reactions?

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  3. kch64

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  4. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    I saw your post to the what the bleep do we know, and I hope you see this.

  5. Sbilek

    Sbilek New Member

    Kendra, when did you have the sugar treatment, and how long have you been aching post the treatment?

    Usually, if you've flunked the treatment, you may get this type of reaction, but it's usually for only a day after the treatment.

    Usually, if you flunk a treatment, you will pass it the next time.

    Also, on account of the NAET getting rid of toxins in your body, while the toxins are moving around in your body, this may cause a temporary increase of symptoms. For an example, toxins may have been sitting in your stomach, and then move to the intestines if you haven't totally cleared the treatment. Then next time, when you get treated again, the toxins will move out of your system. Because of the toxins switching around, again, this may aggravate your symptoms and account for the achiness.

    I can specifically remember early on in my treatments that I had an increase in pain, lots of night sweats, achiness, extreme tiredness, etc. As the treatments progressed, these occurrences became less and less.

    Has your practitioner showed you how to activate your pressure points yourself? If not, ask them to show you how to do this. This may help to move the toxins out of your system, especially early on in the treatments. Of course, drinking a lot of water is imperative.

    I also found that doing something like sauna baths, or anything that will make you sweat will also help in moving these toxins along.

  6. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    Thanks for your answer. I had the treatment this past Monday at 2:00 eastern.

    I ached for about a day and a half and then started having ppelvic pain and cramping. went to my doc today and they think I have a yeast infection in my system, so I'm taking acidophilus and diflucan.

    I had this happen once in the beginning, but not like this.

    I did have night sweats the second night and last night.

    WOW, I'm glad you answered. I will be going to my next appointment next Monday.

    I still have many to clear. Iron, Magnesium, Yeast, Mold, Pollen, Dust, Heat and Humidity, Chocolate, Caffeine, and even Thyroid.

    There may be more. If its not to much trouble, keep checking back on this post and help me out please?

    I really appreciate it. I'm excited that even if I'm having these symptoms, it means something is moving and happening.

    Yes, she showed me and I forgot about it actually. I will have to try it.

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  7. Sbilek

    Sbilek New Member

    Kendra, when you said you went back to your doctor and they thought you had a yeast infection, did you mean your NAET doc thought this or your regular doc?

    Just curious, as sure sounds as if, by the symptoms you described, that you have flunked the sugar treatment. Interesting, sugar treatment, yeast infection, somehow those two seem to be connected.

    Yes, will check back on this post, if I miss it though, just bump it up for me.

    I'd really encourage you to do those self treatments of the activation of the acuppressure points. It really will help move those toxins along and help you to pass treatments that you may, otherwise flunk.

    As you get farther into the treatments, if you are flunking things early on, you probably won't be later on.

    Do they tell you where the toxins are stuck if you've flunked something? Just curious.

    How many treatments have you had so far?

  8. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    I've had five or six (don't remember)

    I've had protein, calcium, vitamin c, and two for the B vitamins, and now just did the Sugar.

    It was my regular doctor that told me about the yeast. Yes, I thought it was interesting also.

    No, she hasn't told me where anything is stuck so far.

    Thanks for your support. I'll have her show me again next visit.

    How many items did you have sensitivities too?

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  9. Sbilek

    Sbilek New Member

    Kendra, you're still doing the basic treatments. You'll probably continue to have symptoms like this until the basic treatments are done, then whatever else you get treated for, if you're really allergic to it,k you might get a reaction if you flunk it.

    Usually, once you get done with the basics, the increase in symptoms, i.e., pain, night sweats, etc., will stop and you should start seeing a decrease in your pain level and symptoms by this time.

    I didn't have any improvements at all until toward the end of the basics, then started improving gradually after that and would have major improvements with certain treatments.

    Unfortunately for me, I wasn't one of the lucky ones, I went through every vial they had in their office, and then some of my own that I brought in. Some people, all they need is the basic treatments, and they are on their way.

    I'd venture to say the symptoms you were having were not a yeast infection, but a reaction from flunking the sugar treatment.

    Re the Acidophilous, you should be taking that regularly, anyways. The Diflucan, I'd be wary of. Have you taken it before? Sometimes can have an adverse reaction with fibro.

    Yeast, candida, you more than likely have it. Most of us do. Getting your system more in balance with the NAET will help that as well.

    Going to hit the hay, have had to edit this post twice now, will check back tomorrow if you have any other questions.

    Have you told your regular doc about the NAET yet? My regular doc gets very frustrated with me. He just can't understand why I want to waste my money with these alternative docs, and I can't understand why he thinks I should waste my money on regular docs !!!

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  10. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    I "hit the hay" before you last night (smile)

    I haven't told my doc about anything else I do. I figure its my body, money, time and its none of their business. If I find something that helps me, I will tell them even if it makes me look stupid (hahaha).

    I've taken diflucan about eight years ago. It didn't seem to bother me.

    I will let you know if it does. I really appreciate your input. I believe talking to someone that has had a positive experience will help me when those "doubts" arise.

    Since I was feeling good beforehand, I really think the treatment stirred something up.

    You're right about the acidophilus. I will continue to take it everyday even when I start feeling better. I also have some other probiotics that I'm using.

    Thank you for checking in with me. I look forward to future treatments and will let you know what my NAET practitioner says when I see her again next week.

  11. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    I'm doing the NAET, too, I know this message was for Sbilek, who's helped me with a lot of great info, especially when I was starting to look into NAET treatments.

    I just wanted to add that I had this reaction to my very first treatment, I think it was eggs, when I was doing the basics. Thereafter, I felt pretty normal going through the basics. But I definitely felt pretty lousy after eggs, my first one.

    Just wanted to say that NAET has virtually eliminated all my nasal allergies, which have been a huge problem my whole life. For the first time in literally 40+ years, I'm taking NO OTC or prescription allergy meds---no shots, no Flonase, no Benedryl, Claritin, Zyrtec, nose sprays, etc.----these used to be staples of daily life for me, and even then, they gave me very limited relief.

    I'm past basics now, & still fine-tuning things within the hormone category, etc.

    Stick with it! It can really work wonders...

  12. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    That's O.K. Pam. I really appreciate your help. I have read the websites, but never talked to anyone "personally" who had experienced it.

    I welcome your advice and comments. Maybe sugar is one of my biggest hurdles and when I go back, I will see if I passed it.

    I did the circle test, you know the one where you make an "O" out of your fingers. If the circle can't be broken then you're not allergic. If it can, then you are allergic.

    I put some sugar in my hand and the circle broke, so I'm assuming, like Sbilek said, I may have failed the reset.

    I hope you keep checkin in also. Its good to talk to others going through or that have been through this.


    By the way I'm so happy you're feeling better with your allergies. If this helps me, I'm letting all my friends with allergies know.

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  13. Sbilek

    Sbilek New Member

    Kendra, usually, at least it was my experience, if you flunked something, and this is precluding the scenario of touching or eating, or even smelling the substance before the avoidance period is over, if you flunked something it was usually a "biggie" in your system, and the increase in symptoms was, again, the toxins moving around.

    Even if you felt "pretty good" beforehand, obviously these toxins were sitting there and these were issues and you'll undoubtedly feel a whole lot better after completing the NAET.

    Just as an aside, and this kinda goes along with your post under the What the Bleep video, I can remember back when I finished my treatments in 2001, I was so grateful to those docs, they gave me my life back, but every time I would congratulate the one doc he'd always tell me, "But you did all the work." I really could not understand what he was talking about back then, but I do now!!!

    Kind of goes along with the theory of positive thinking and going along with the program and doing what you can along the way for your own health to benefit your improvement.

    I definitely did not fit into the positive thinking category, though, I was extremely skeptical of the whole process until I started feeling better, then went through an extended length of an anxious period thinking it would all come back.

    It's been five years now, so as time passes am relaxing more and more.

    Keep us posted on your progress.

  14. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    Are you much improved now? What symptoms still bother you the most?

  15. kch64

    kch64 New Member

  16. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    Is NAET expensive?
    How do they know which things to treat for? (do they use kinesiology?)
    Do you get any emotional effects from the treatment? I ask because I did something that seems simaler to NAET, and I was a wreck for a couple of weeks, screaming fits of crying that I couldn't stop or control.
  17. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    My Practioner charges $65.00 a treatment for her older patients, but this year she's charging her new patients $70.00 a visit.

    I have had some physicial symptoms and this week was a doozy. I was aching and having night sweats and pelvic pain. I also became very depressed one night.

    I did visit my gynecologist to make sure it wasn't something else. She thinks I have an overgrowth of yeast after examining me and looking at my tongue.

    BUT, I'm going to stick with it because if it gave me this type of reaction, something is moving and changing and i want to see how it works when I'm finished.

    Yes, they use kinesiology (muscle testing) for basic protein, minerals, chemicals, yeast, heat and humidity.

    It really is amazing how it works. I was really skeptical but after reading SBilek's and Pams posts to me, I'm very happy to keep going.

    I think its worth trying. The way I found out about it was in Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum's book from fatigued to fantastic.

  18. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    Are you much improved now? What symptoms still bother you the most?

  19. Sbilek

    Sbilek New Member


    Yes, I'm much improved. NAET helped me immensely. I still have morning stiffness, not as bad as prior to the NAET, my adrenals are still not working up to par, still working on that, and still suffer from mild depression, not as bad.

    I have had some problems that have cropped up afterward, not related to the fibromyalgia, and am presently working on those.

    I also have discovered that, in my opinion, anyways, our emotional health is really an important piece of the puzzle. If you are carrying around repressed anger, are not able to let things go, have repressed grief issues, etc., more than likely your kidney and liver are not working up to par in getting rid of toxins either, and your other organs are just not working up to par either.

    So at this point, as a preventive measure for me to not get back in the shape I was prior to the NAET, I'm really working on healing myself emotionally. I've made a lot of progress but still have a lot of work to do.

    I've found that there may be a couple things that you may need to get retreated for occasionally with the NAET. This seems to be the case with some people.

    For me it's poison ivy and viruses.

    Overall, I think it's a great healing modality and am looking forward to the day when insurance companies wise up and regular docs will start doing NAET, kind of like yearly physicals, as a preventive measure, rather than waiting till people get really sick.

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  20. Sbilek

    Sbilek New Member

    Shannon, at least here in the US, the charges for NAET could range from $30 upwards to $180 per treatment, depending on the practitioner. The more the practitioner charges does not necessarily indicate that practitioner is more adept at doing NAET.

    I'm curious as to what treatment you experienced that was similar to NAET.

    And, yes, NAET may cause some temporarily emotional upset, depending on the treatment and if you did not pass the treatment and need to be retreated.

    These effects usually do not last for more than a day or two, then it goes away, meaning an emotional upset or more pain. Then when you are retreated the next time, usually you pass it and do not have a side effect like that.

    Also, after being retreated, there is an avoidance time, and if you are subjected to whatever you were treated for in that avoidance time, you will probably not pass the treatment, like if you were treated for dairy and ate dairy during the avoidance time, you'd flunk the treatment and have to be retreated.


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