Naltrexone anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by klutzo, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. klutzo

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    I just saw a post from someone about how much Naltrexone helps them, and I went and read up on it.
    I had not heard of it, but it looks very promising for helping FMS, at a very low dose at bedtime.
    Would anyone who has tried it please share your experience with it please?
  2. nickname

    nickname New Member

    ..........I'm still trying to get the courage up to take my LDN 3mg - am now getting very annoyed with my stupidity. Split the capsule in half again last night, then got scared - AGAIN - and left it. Just as soon as I get this down me, I will report - good or bad.
    Bet wishes
  3. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    Why are you afraid to take it? I read up on it, and it is about as safe as you can get. No side-effects at all, unless you take the slow release form, which you are not supposed to. Did I miss something?
    Since you have the LDN form, you should have no problem. Courage, buckaroo! I'll say a prayer for ya.
    I've had lots of drug reactions myself, so I do agree wtih taking a smaller dose at first to see what happens.
  4. nickname

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    .......about the only side effect at this dose, so I read,is insomnia.That is a big worry to me - one night of sleep distruption means about a week or more of disrupted sleep before it corrects itself - bad sleep = bad days. Addressing the sleep problem has played a huge part in my recovery process - I'm not up to much anyway being severely affected and bed bound, but I am much better thanks in the main, to this and Armour.

    I've got to do it tonight. I like the sound of your prayer for me though - I shall think of u and your prayer when I take it.

    What a wimp!
    With best wishes

  5. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    From what I read, the insomnia usually occurs at the recommended dose of 4.5 mg.
    If you take the 3 mg. dose, that is supposed to correct the probelm.
    good luck! Let us know how you do.
  6. Wolverine

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    Hiya :) So far no one ive talked to here in aus has heard of the LDN treatment. Only ordinary naltrexone for drug detox etc. I put the info foward to my dr and a few pharmacists, and my dr wrote me a script for 1mg capsules. Im getting a compounding chemist to do it for me - he can get the raw ingredient. Im starting at 1mg cause of my MCS, but will try to go up to 3mg soon as possible. i pick up the script monday and should have the LDN tuesday, let u know how it goes.

  7. nickname

    nickname New Member

    ......1.5mg down the hatch @ 9.30pm!! I thought of u Klutzo and your prayer.

    Best wishes
  8. Goodday

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    Sonds like many of you have missed my posts.
    I have been on low dose Naltrexone for three months. Naltrexone won't work under 1.75 mg nor more than 4.5. Be sure it isn't slow release.
    Take it between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. I take it about 10:30 p.m. I have done quite a few posts on this. Just type in Goodday and it will bring up my former posts.

    In the past twenty years this has been the best relief I have gotten from chronic fatigue, constant over-all body pain and depression. At night I take Restoril with the Naltrexone. It o.k. to take Ambiem or other sleeping pills with this drug. It is not o.k. to take any narcotic drug with it.

    Give the drug at least three months for it to stabalize your endorphin hormones. Many of my other problems are not as apparent these days. Because of my back and neck problems I won't be going bowling ever again, but the constant pain I used to feel is not there anymore. I can still get some muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders so I take a mild muscle relaxant occasionally. Which is O.K. to do so.

    I had only 2 nights of restlessness when I first started on 4.5 mg. The reason I went down to 3 mg is because I wasn't used to the new energy I had and felt kind of nervous for the first month. When I went down to 3 mg the next month I do not have that problem anymore. In fact, I feel much more serene.

    Hope this helps those of you who are trying it. Once you start don't give up.

    It takes a little time to feel much better. If you have spurs and DDD and bulging disks it does not cure it.

    Naltrexone works on your pain perception, but not like pain drugs. As a matter of fact I quit taking an anti-depressant, Ultram, and Neurontin. I had to quit the Ultram before taking this drug so I used Neurontin to take the edge off until I could go without Ultram. I took Tylenol also while getting off the Ultram. It was a tough 2 1/2 weeks. But it was worth it to start the LDN.

    You can still take your other drugs as long as they do not have opioids in them. The hard part is giving up all your former drugs like that to start LDN. The longer you have been on opioids the harder it is for Naltrexone to work. The ones who have the best results are those who have not gone to the narcotic drugs or Duragesic Patches or implants for pain control.
    Have a Good Day everyone!

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  9. klutzo

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    It must have been a post by you that prompted me to ask about this.
    I took narcotics for the first 12 yrs. with Fibro, and then got off them. Have taken no pain medicine in the last 5 yrs. except Tylenol.
    I will ask my doctor about this.
    I know they would never let me take Restoril every night, as it is so addictive. I am only given 30 capsules per year and have to save them for special occassions when I need to be as much like normal as possible.