naltrexone ??????

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  1. cmt49829

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    I got an email form a friend who sent me a lengthy article about naltrexone.
    anyone heard of this or tired it?

    here is a web page with a good article about it..

    Im not sure how to make this into alink on this site, but you can copy and paste this url into your browser.
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    My understanding it is not approved for us yet and it seems that the people that did respond that it was not a cure all but it helps a lot.
    So I would love to try it.
    it is LDN that is for low dose naltrexone.
    I did read somewhere a dR in ny city a Dr Bihari an attending physician gives this to people. Do not quote me on that.
    I was going to call today 212-929-4196.
    google his name maybe it will come up. There was one response I read where someone could not take it. From what I understand an old drug with little side affects.
    You cannot take opiods while you are on it. One i read these are more with people that are so tired they cannot function. One person is function knows when to rest and can walk 2 miles Hello!
    So if you find out anything post ok.
    Just what I know which is not a lot, sounds promising doesnt it. I am sick of waiting i will be dead by then. They give in large doses for Alcoholics.
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    many people take LDN for CFS. check out sue jackson's blog..she took it and loved it.

    message board:

    another one:

    also yahoo groups has a LDN group where i bet you will find plenty of people on the drug.

    do a google search for low dose naltrexone and CFS and i'm sure you will come up with loads of info!