Name These Actors/Actresses/VOL. 3

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    Hi y'all,

    Did "someone" say: "More, please." ??

    Well, here it is: VOLUME 3

    (For some reason, I thought this/these thread(s) would be a "bomb." I guess I was wrong! I'm so glad that you're enjoying this set of games!!!!!!!!! :D I'm enjoying posting the games, reading the replies, etc.)

    So here we go, with VOLUME 3. Enjoy, and good luck!

    Diane :p










    PICTURE 10
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    Hi Diane

    My response to almost all of these pics was, "Looks familiar." Gordon was
    passing by, so he provided most of the names. Number one is probably from
    77 Sunset Strip with Efrem Zimbalist Jr on the right.

    I heard him in Las Vegas at a concert in 1968 He narrated a piece that included
    an orchestra. Kinda like Aaron Copland's Portrait of Lincoln.

    2. The Carol Burnett show with Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, and
    Tim Conway.

    3. Is Batman. That was back in the 60s when people at work would talk about
    new TV shows like Batman and Laugh in. Do people pay much attention now?
    Anyhoo it's Burt Ward and Adam West. I read Burt's autobiography. He said
    he kept getting injured in the early episodes. When the show was a big hit
    he asked for a raise. I think he said he was only making a small salary; $200
    a week or something. The producer yelled at him and threatened to fire him.
    Which illustrates why actors need agents to bargain for them.

    4. Is Barbara Stanwyck. Probably from her show Big Valley.

    5. Is Jack Webb and Harry Morgan.

    6. Is Don Adams in Get Smart. My mother loved that show. I though
    it was stupid.

    I'll let someone else tackle the rest. Nice post, Diane.

  3. gb66

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    7. McHale's Navy Ernest Borgnine

    8. The Monkees Michael Nesmith and others

    9. Mod Squad Susan Dey, ?,?

    10. My Favorite Martian Ray Walston

    Number 5 is Dragnet
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    Here's a mixed bouquet. These are mostly character actors. They played small
    parts; their faces were recognizable even if their names were unknown. Some
    of them had been stars earlier. Some became stars later. Some alternated
    between big and small parts. Many of them appeared in a hundred or more films.

    1. [​IMG]

    2. [​IMG]



    Well, I had some more pics, but something has gone awry with the apparatus.
    They just won't copy any more.

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    I don't know that first guys name, but he's on about half of the 'Bewitched' episodes that I'm currently watching. Last time, he was Mr. Mortimer of Mortimer Soups!

    The second, is a scene from 'GWTW'. Vivian Leigh and Hattie McDaniel.

    Is the third one Billy Barty? GB
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  6. rockgor

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    Yup, GB, it's Hattie and Billy. Very good.

    Number one is Charles Lane. He is my favorite character actor. Had an amazing career.
    He was on 4 I Love Lucy episodes.
    Clerk in the passport office.
    Lucy gets knives thrown at her.
    Lucy's business manager.
    Father in the waiting room when Little Ricky is born.

    He was also in her subsequent series and hundreds of other TV shows and Films.
    Lived to be 102.

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  7. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi Guys!

    You guessed all my pics! Great job.

    I'll recap for others viewing this thread:

    1) 77 Sunset Strip
    Louis Quinn and Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., 1962.

    2) The Carol Burnett Show
    Left pic: Burnett, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, and Lyle Waggoner (1967)
    Right pic: Burnett, Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, and Harvey Korman (1977_

    3) Batman (TV): Burt Ward and Adam West

    4) The Big Valley: Barbara Stanwyck, Linda Evans, Richard Long, Lee Majors and Peter Breck

    5) Dragnet: Jack Webb, Harry Morgan

    6) Get Smart: Don Adams

    7) McHale's Navy: In the photo, McHale (Ernest Borgnine), Gruber (Carl Ballantine, in top bunk), and Christie {Gary Vinson, seated on lower bunk), have a look at the cake Ensign Parker (Tim Conway) received in a package from home.

    8) The Monkees (starred Mickey Dolenz, Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork).

    9: Mod Squad (starred Clarence Williams III, Michael Cole, Peggy Lipton)

    10: My Favorite Martian: Ray Walston


    Rock, Great pics. I kept staring at them, thinking "I know that face!!!!!!" LOL

    Let me know when you want a new volume started; I'd be happy to find some pics and post. Maybe we need to take a break? Or Not? Your choice..................


    Diane :)
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    Whenever you feel up to posting, Diane. Meantime I'd like a break from being old
    and sick with an ever increasing number of ailments. 31 years! A few more decades
    of this, and I'm going to get really crabby. SOL

    What was the question again? I keep looking around. Just can't find that reset button.

    I was joking, but I did look around the net. I found a site that gives you serious advice
    on how to reset your life. Don't bother looking for it though. It only applies to healthy
    folks. Wouldn'tja jist no it?!