Name These Actors/Actresses. VOL. 4

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  1. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi everyone!

    Here are more pics------------------

    Good Luck! Diane :p

    Pic 1

    Pic 2

    Pic 3

    Pic 4

    Pic 5


    Pic 6

    Pic 7


    Pic 8

    Pic 9


    Pic 10

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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OK, Diane, let's examine the evidence.

    1. Looks like The Adams Family, named after the cartoon of Charles Adams who
    did lots of cartoons, especially for The New Yorker magazine. Uncle Fester,
    the cute one, was played by Jackie Coogan. Lurch was Ted Cassidy.

    Jackie Coogan was once cute. Here is his in his silent days a child star.


    2. from the Gomer Pyle show. Jim Nabors and Frank Sutton. Amazing how Jim
    was not two faced, but two voiced. Talked like an idiot, but sang like a Broadway star.

    3. My Three Sons with William Frawley, Fred MacMurray and the boys.

    7. Tony Orlando in the middle with And on the left and Dawn on the right.

    Another good photo exhibit, Diane.

  3. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Woo Hoo Rock!

    You identified 1, 2, 3 and 7! Yippee.

    You almost made me spit my tea, with your description of 7. LOL

    I hope GB can join us, after her doctor appt. If not, she'll be back soon (fingers crossed).

    Any more guesses from you?

    Diane :)
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  4. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    In the meantime, here are five more to guess! Have fun. GOOD LUCK!

    Diane :p





  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Diane

    OK, 10 is Chuck Connor from the TV show The Rifleman. The gal is Beverly
    Englander. She is not, however, from England. Was born right here in LA.
    (I don't want to accuse her of fraud, but facts are facts.)

    9 looks like the Dobie Gillis show. The handsome dude is Dwayne Hickman.
    The goofy lookin' one is Bob Denver. He later played the title character on
    Gilligan's Island which has been on the air since the Johnson Administration.

    8 is the Leave It To Beaver family, a precursor to the reality shows of today.
    From L 2 R we have Hugh Beaumont, the beautiful Tony Dow, Barbara
    Billingsley and Jerry Mathers who was no longer cute once he grew up.
    The show had some of the worst scripts in the history of TV. But people
    apparently loved it anyway.

    OK, all tuckered out. Will come back later and see what's up; or down.

    Just think. If we had been around in the days of the movie studios we could
    have doubtless found high paying jobs that did not require any acting
    ability. Of course you couldn't get in the gate unless you had a relative
    working there. Always a stumbling block somewhere on the road to
    success and happiness.

  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OK, back again.

    4 No idea
    5 Lassie and family. Lassie was played by a male (at least in the movies) because the
    males were bigger and more impressive and easier to train. Something like that.
    Jon Provost is Timmy (scientists say he never did fall down a well) and June Lockhart
    is the mom. Dad is Hugh Reilly. The show was on the air longer than WW II and the
    Korean War combined so there were lots of cast changes.

    Erick Knight, the English author, wrote other books besides Lassie. Many decades ago
    I read his books on Sam Small, the flying Yorkshire man. More recently I had a book
    of letters he wrote about his adventures while working in Hollywood.

    6 is the Nelson family (a real family): Ozzie and Harriet and David and Ricky.
    Ozzie was a bandleader; Harriet was the band's singer; Ricky became a singer
    and heart throb; David worked for a while in a circus trapeze act.

    Those latest pics look pretty tough, Diane. I'll have to call in my consultant Gordon.

    That's All, Folks.

    Gordon just strolled by. He identified all the remaining pix. I will
    come back and post on same if nobody else steps up to the plate.
  7. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    GB, Stepping up!

    4. June Lockhart in Lost In Space

    5. June Lockhart in Lassie, Second version

    6. Sony Bono and Telly Savalis ?

    8. The Many Lives of Dobie Gillis

    9. Leave it to Beaver

    12. John Forsythe Bachelor Father

    13. Hee Haw Buck Owens Roy Clark

    15. Jonathan Frid Dark Shadows
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  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi GB, Good to see you back. I hope that means you are much better.
    Your answers must be correct. They agree with Gordon's.

    He also said number 14 was from The Courtship of Eddie's Father. Brandon
    Cruz and Bill Bixby.

    Thanks to our host and moderator, Diane. In accordance with the new
    practice on TV, we will now have 8 minutes of commercials. Gives folks
    time to go make a sandwich. Uff-da!

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  9. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi GB and Rock!

    Great guessing, both of you, and Gordon too! :) HOORAY!

    Just to recap for anyone else reading the thread, here are the answers:

    1-- The Addams Family (loved that show!)
    2-- Gomer Pyle, USMC
    3-- My Three Sons
    4-- June Lockhart, Lost in Space
    5-- June Lockhart and cast, Lassie
    6-- Sonny & Cher Show; Sonny with Telly Savalas
    7-- Tony Orlando and Dawn
    8-- Leave It to Beaver
    9-- Dobie Gillis
    10-- The Rifleman
    11-- Ozzie and Harriett
    12-- Bachelor Father
    13-- Hee Haw
    14-- Courtship of Eddie's Father
    15-- Dark Shadows (that show scared me!)

    Rock, Thanks for all that info and trivia! And, of course, thanks to Gordon. Did Gordon watch a lot of TV, or does he enjoy oldies TV shows? GB, you are a great guesser!!!!!!

    When I was a child I watched a lot of TV. And then there was "NICK at NIGHT", when it first started. It aired a lot of the old shows from the 50's, etc. Now it's moved on to the 80's-90's. I still prefer the real oldies.

    You made me chuckle, Rock, about the 8 MINUTES OF COMMERCIALS! We have "on demand" with our cable TV service. So if Kevin and I select a one-hour TV show to watch, the time listed is **43** minutes. 17 minutes of commercials now, per hour show.

    I enjoyed reading this thread.


    I'm a bit under the weather right now. I can relate to what GB said on her thread -- going to a doc office can make a person feel sicker. Being around all those germs. And I saw my therapist on Saturday -- and they treat children as well as adults -- and my therapist's office is not locked so any staff member can use it, etc. etc. etc. I'm just not feeling well.

    Somehow I'm finding the energy to make a small-ish pot of homemade chicken soup today. 4 pounds chicken, 12 cups water, herbs, veggies. Kevin and I can eat from it for a few days. I'll add extra veggies to my share. Kevin prefers noodles, so that's what he'll have.

    I have to see the psych doc on Monday for a med check -- and that means more germs again. Oh well.

    If I'm not around for several days, don't worry about me. I'll be back when I feel "more better." :)

    Take care y'all,
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  10. gb66

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    Hi to Diane and Rock. Diane, I'm really sorry to hear that you're feeling so bad. I still haven't been able to go back to the docs. My hubby went there today to take a sample to retest to see if the infection is cleared up.

    My temp is way down now, between normal and 99. I'm hoping this is almost over. :)

    The soup sounds good! Be back later. GB