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    Well everyone at the time this all started I certainly felt like I was going insane and so decided to call myself Insanelady. LOLLOL

    I can laugh at it now but not then..As for the thyroid well I have been taking thyroid replacement since I was 22. I recently had my blood work done and my doc says my thyroid appears alright and so does all the rest of my blood work ..I am on Lipotor could it be messing with me I wonder.

    I am glad to know there are so many people who can share my thoughts and my problems with. Thanks again


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    How come you say not to take Lipitor..I think I need off of it cause it is causing me to be in more pain..the doc says everything else is ok..but then they have been know to be wrong haven't they.

    My niece had to change cause it was causing her more pain and now she is fine..I also take coQ10 with it under doctors advice.

    What happened to you when you took it?