Nancy and Asa

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by dejovu, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. dejovu

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    The two of you have blessed my heart so much lately. I just had to tell you so.

    Jesus has been bonding you in His love and given you both a great gift of Christian sisterhood and friendship. WOW.

    I read your posts and ( yes Asa ) I have that big silly smile all over face.

    It feels like He is bringing His family together. (struggling with this thought ) I have been watching a change come over all of us as a group.

    A beautiful closeness and sharing for each other. It just seems to be growing bigger and better and so quickly.

    God's love is so apparent here, it brought to mind the words in a childs song " This Little Light Of Mine ". The words were ...hide it under a bushel, no.... The glow from this board can not be hid under a bushel.

    I know our bodies want to drag us down most days, but you two are a great examlpe of letting your spirits soars with the eagles.

    God Bless you both. De

  2. Asatrump

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    Thank you.... singing Amen.
  3. bandwoman

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    Thanks for your kind words. I was so afraid that our joking around might be misunderstood as there are very serious issues on this board all the time. I think a little levity is needed in the midst of many storms. I remember when my mom and sister and I were at the funeral home arranging for my Dad's funeral a little over a year ago now, my sister and I were actually making jokes and it was so bizarre. Sometimes we need some laughter to break the tension of the seriousness of our health issues and somehow that makes it easier to take. I am so glad that you seem much better. I hope you are out of the woods now. I feel a bond here that is unexplainable and I haven't been here for very long. My mom who is much more experienced with chat rooms etc on her webtv than I visited a fibro room and she warned me that if I wasn't depressed before I would certainly be after talking with everyone. I have not found that to be true here at all. I see it as my mission field that I didn't know I was going to have while working full time and the other full time job taking care of my health issues. This board has given me a mental boost that has lasted for a long long time. The last couple of days has been a struggle and I feel like the enemy has tried his best to put road blocks in my way but I know I can still come here for prayer and support. I appreciate you more that you will ever know. Take care, my friend.