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    Hi Nancy:
    Been talking to Bandwoman. I hear you are really struggling right now. Man this sucks I don't know what to say. Man you must be ready to deck that physio. Heard you are going to be trying Lyrica. Could you let me know how you make out with it? I am still waiting for approval. It has been over 4 months. I really hope and am praying it comes soon. If you are bored and want someone different to talk to it is ok to ask Bandwoman for my address. No pressure or don't feel you have to. I just thought if you were bored and had nothing to do and nobody to play with lol. Take care.
    Love ya
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    It's so good to hear from you. I'm glad Nancy emailed me and told me that you had posted; otherwise, I probably wouldn't have checked. I would love to talk with you. Nancy and I met in a chat room to exchange email addresses but then I posted it to Janie056 and she was able to get it so I'll try that. You can email me at

    I'm not crazy about the Lyrica! It's my 2nd time taking it. The first time I went back to the Neurontin because Neurontin can be issued in generic called Gabapentin. Lyrica costs more and I just couldn't afford it. Also Lyrica makes me nauseated and sleepy for about a week before my system seems to settle into it. Once I get used to it, I really could not tell any difference between the results of it and the Gabapentin so I went back to the cheaper drug. However, my mother takes Lyrica also and says it works wonders for her.

    My primary care doctor called in Lidoderm patches for me and I picked them up yesterday. They do wonders and I'm very grateful to have them. Anyway, email me when you get a chance. I was thinking about you the other day and hoping things were getting better for you.

    Take Care Sweetie