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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by herbqueen, Mar 31, 2010.

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    Checking into see how your are doing with your lyme treatment?

    I have an app't with Dr. H. in NY or May 5. I'm so scared and so ill since I crashed in December from the 1 week of flagyl/3 diflcuan. I've lost so much function and I'm in agony with so many neuro symptoms to list. I can't believe how far I've declined since early december. I could drive then, work and take care of my family (not well had neuro issues but nothing like now where I feel like dieing each day)I'm scared to death of getting any worse now through treatment since I'd be bedridden. Even now it's difficult for me to hold my head up neck is so weak and I have no appetite-lost 20 lbs last 4 months. I don' tnow how my body can handle the drug treatment since I now I have detox issues (genomics la b detox panel shows phase I /phase ii issues with medication). I don't know what to do . So scared, miserable, and ill. It's so confusing since Ive done nothing but healthy eating , exercise etc since 12 years ago fibro diagnosis. I wish there were a clear path for me---I wish there was clear solution. Even having problems typing now. Left side has become so numb and weak this pat 4 months and spreading to right. And totally stopped sleeping. Neuro/GP want me to take Gaba Pentin to help with the nervous system agitation agony and sleep. Haven't started yet. I hope it works. Of course it maybe toxic for my liver and just add the hole I'm in! Thanks for listening everyone. I really am not like this normally. It just that losing motor function, all sleep , difficulty swallowing , speaking, dizzy, burning ,jerking , twitching you name it I'm a mess right now.
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    I am sorry to hear that you are feeling so ill. I hope Dr H feels confident in the direction he should go with you, so you will have some improvement soon.

    I know it is very frustrating and can make you feel hopeless, but you must never give up hope.

    Many people have been just as sick and they have recovered with good, long treatment. Dr H is very experienced, so he surely will help you.

    I have been having slow and steady improvement in my head and neck pain since the end of Oct when I went back on doxy and plaquenil. I know I will have to go off of doxy for the summer which makes me nervous. I know my Dr will put me on another combo though and it will be ok.

    I have faith in my Dr. He and his entire family were very ill with lyme, bart, babesia and ehrlichia and they recovered.

    Do you remember "maps" from the CFS/FM board?

    She has been very ill...discovered in the last year that she has lyme and babesia....she is on IV Rocephin and doing very well on it.

    I will pray for you, that you go in the right direction with your treatment and you will see improvement.

    Keep in touch.

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