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    it's about the Igenex test kit.i just got it in the mail today, i asked for the 5010 test it has 2 vials. one is for the western blot IgG and western Blot IgM, the other vial is for lyme pcr serum and whole blood.

    Do i need to do the Lyme pcr and whole blood test too?? if i include it the cost will be 410.00 if i just do the IgG & Igm that will be 260.00( guess it wen't up) im hoping i just need the cheaper one, but if i need both i'll just have to do it. But definately don't wan't to spend the $$ if it's not needed,
    thanks, Kat
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    Hi kat,

    You really just need the western blot IgG and IgM, test #188 and #189.

    You may be looking at the panel that includes the Lyme IFA (screen), and you don't need that either.....should be on the bottom half of the price list and each is $100.

    Just order test #188 and #189.

    My LLMD does just the western blot. I had my testing done before I saw him and I ordered the PCR and IFA also, but it was negative and expensive.

    It is actually hard to find the borrelia DNA in the blood. If I were you, I would save the money and just do the western blot.
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    finally found a dr and got an appt, the woman i talked to said that the dr would order the Igenex test at my first visit. guess ill just wait till then, getting to my fibro Dr is gonna be tough right now, Houston is so flooded :( i was going to ask her, and i might still just to have it when i go in June

    they did ask me to get all of my bloodwork that i have had in the past 6 months or so. just wanted to tell you thanks again for all your help, Im excited in a way & then the more i read i am scared to death! i know if do have Lyme it's gonna be a long hard fight, and an expensive one.

    i have a question about the LLMD's. why dont they take Insurance?? and why do they get so much trouble trying to treat Lyme?? it's a true disease.

    Im sure i have read about it somewhere, you will have to excuse my Lyme Brain :( i can't seem to retain anything these days, and thats getting worse.

    thanks again,
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    Hi kat,

    You are welcome. I am glad you finally found a Dr and got an appt.

    I know it's scary, but everyone who has gotten better says it is sooooo worth it.

    The LLMD's put themselves on the line to treat us because they do not follow the IDSA guidelines that say short term treatment is all that is needed. Insurance co's reimburse according to those guidelines, not the ILADS guidelines that our LLMD's follow.

    The IDSA and insurance co's turn LLMD's into their state's Medical Board claiming malpractice for treating us long term. It's totally ridiculous since there is a mountain of evidence supporting chronic lyme and the need for long term treatment.

    The IDSA guideline committee is under scrutiny by the CT Attorney General's office.

    The committee has to meet again to review their guidelines after a period of public input.

    LLMD's and other medical researchers/Dr's have submitted alot of info to them. There is evidence of many conflicts of interest of the IDSA review panel members. Many of them earn money from insurance co's and drug co's, etc.

    It's very political and even though there is soooo much evidence that you would think the truth would prevail, but deep down I think we all expect nothing to change.

    It's all about money.

    Keep us all posted on what happens with you....good luck!
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    even with cfs/fibro, thats all it's ever been about. once they knew all of these sick people weren't going anywheres,they try to milk us for every last dime (Big Pharma)

    what does IDSA stand for??

    I'm sure i'll be asking tons of questions in the coming Months, so bear with me.
    How long have you been doing treatment for lyme?? and have you had a Hard time with the meds??

    sorry bout all the questions, just interested to know from someone thats going thru it. are you doing the supplement thing along with the abx??
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    Hi kat,

    IDSA stands for Infectious Diseases Society of America.

    I have only been treating for 11 weeks. I am not having a hard time with the meds. I take doxy, plaquenil and zithromax, plus lots of supplements.

    I am taking high quality, refrigerated probiotics...2 caps, twice daily 2-3+ hours after my antibiotics.

    It is a big help to take my antibiotics in the middle of a meal. If I don't eat enough I get nauseated.

    Also, supplements containing things like magnesium (many use this ingredient), calcium and others should not be taken near the time of the antibiotics as they can decrease the effectiveness of them.

    My LLMD says that fish oil is one of the most important supplements.

    Don't worry about asking questions...that's what were here for.