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    You mentioned you took 10,000 IU's daily for 3 yrs....daily? Did you have levels checked along the way and how high did your levels get. Did you have a special MD to guide you with this High Dosing? D

    A person on another board (thyroid group) said she took really high doses of D3 and got cured....I have to look again and see exactly what she was cured of....

    thanks jam

    That other person took 50K daily for one month and then three times per week.

    If she permits me to print her info, is that OK...asking you this as moderator. [This Message was Edited on 02/06/2013]
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    My Lyme literate MD told me to take the Vit D3. I had my levels checked a couple times.

    He likes his patients' levels to be 80, higher than the accepted value. I know mine was good the last time it was checked in December, but I won't get a copy of the labs until I go back, so I don't know what the number was.

    He has published info on Vit D3 and considers it extremely important for our recovery.

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    You are safe if you just tell us about what that person did in your own words.

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    and I was going to ask her permission to print it here, but I'll just have to let it go if that's the case...she said so much about her "cure" treatment and D3. jam
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    Jamin, are you on chit chat board - I would like to read this article if you could send on my email , we can exchange it on that board i think
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    think we can exchange emails on chit chat, and I don't
    go in chat rooms....I don't know how I can get your email...sorry...we can't help each other. jam

    Oh I think this is can go to

    and in the General Thyroid discussion group
    you can scroll down to "it's a miracle - I'm cured".

    Hope this is ok to do this.
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    I read that post - many stories of high doses vit D also curing MS

    But I am scared to do this without a docs support

    one doc was angry with me when I told him I supplement Vit D everyday - so I stopped

    so confusing what to believe and what not to !!

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    All you need is a general blood test about three months after starting your vitamin D schedule. What you are wanting to have checked is your serum calcium level. For most people 10,000 IU daily ( a moderately high dose) for three months is quite safe. Obviously after that you would drop back to 5000IU &/or get more sun.

    You are not really interested in your vitamin D levels. Chances are after three months on 10,000IU your level will be around 80ng/ml. after you drop back to 5000IU your blood levels would eventually settle to a natural and appropriate 50ng/ml.

    If you have had any hypercalciurea or hypercalcaemia in the past then the test should be after one month.

    Also vitamin D on its own does not cure MS, it increases the remission time with fewer new T2 lesions and a significantly lower number of T1 enhancing lesions.
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    I have just got my Vit D and calcium levels tested last week

    Vitamin D was 30 and calcium is 9.4

    Any advise ? :)

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    I am not sure where in the world you are and am assuming the measure you quote for vitamin D is ng/ml (not nmol/l) (different countries report these differently)

    If it is ng/ml then it looks normal to me. (If nmol/l then you are seriously deficient). Are you taking any vitamin D supplement? If not you do have a slightly insufficient level of vitamin D (at 30ng/ml). (however considered by some to be perfectly normal and adequate).

    If you do not take vitamin D supplements then you could probably add 5000IU which will probably push your level upto 40ng/ml.

    Your calcium is normal. (Do not take extra calcium)