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  1. lrning2cope

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    I was just wondering , did you get anymore results for your sIL ? I hope all is OK !

  2. Nanie46

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    My Son-in-Law is scheduled for an MRI with and without contrast on Monday, Sept 22, so unfortunately we don't know anything yet. Thanks for asking though.

    I will post again as soon as we hear the results. I am praying everyday for a good outcome and I'm trying to stay positive about it. Thanks for your concern, I appreciate it.
  3. lrning2cope

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    Thank you for the update. It seems when I pray for people , the Lord gives me a strong desire to know how they are. It is an intimate thing to pray and I really care how he is doing ( and how your whole family is !).

    Patiently ( !) waiting for the next update.