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    Hi, it's me again (from the FM board). OK, so a bulls-eye rash is all you need for a Lymes diagnosis? The doc at Urgent Care said the test came back negative so no need for treatment! This was back in 2006 and I have had alot of tick bites in my life. The funny thing is whatever bit me on my leg was not a tick, it flew away. Can a bite from another insect transmit lyme or maybe cause it to come out of hiding? I went the other day and picked up the records from that trip to take to my primary care doc. since I probably should have them included in my medical file. If you don't mind glancing through them this is what they say:
    Lyme Disease IGG and IGM
    Western Blot
    B.Burgdorferi AB
    (IGG), WB Negative
    18, 23, 28, 30, 39, 41, 45, 58, 66, 93 KD (IGG) Bands Non-reactive
    B.Burgdorferi AB
    (IGM), WB Negative
    23, 39, 41 (IGM) Bands Non-reactive

    Cross-reactivity between the spotted fever and typhus groups is minor. Significant cross-reactivity within the spotted fever or typhus group precludes speciation of the rickettsiae.

    Yeah, it's all greek to me. I have no clue what I'm looking at or what any of it means. Any ideas or suggestions? Any and all are welcome since they will be better than what I have now. Sorry this post got so long. Thank you.

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    Thanks for coming here to post your questions.

    Yes, a bullseye rash is indicative of lyme...although 99% of Dr's don't know enough about lyme to help anyone.

    Your western blot was not done at Igenex since Igenex tests for all bands, which is necessary, and yours doesn't include some important speicies specific bands.

    It is believed that mosquitoes and maybe fleas and biting flies can transmit lyme too, but I don't think it's been proven.

    Also, a negative lyme test NEVER rules out lyme. Lyme is a clinical diagnosis based on history and symptoms....and it can be supported by labs.

    The tests are not 100% accurate but Igenex is the very best...they are a lab specializing in tick borne disease.

    A western blot IgG and IgM, test #188 and #189 is a total of $200.

    You can call or email for a free test kit with prepaid fedex label. You need a Dr to order the tests.

    If I were ill with lyme symptoms and had a bullseye rash in the past, I would go see a good LLMD.

    You can go to on flash discussion...sign up for free like you did here.... click on the Seeking a Doctor board......create a new post asking for a LLMD in your state. You will receive a private message with names.

    LLMD names are not public in order to protect them.

    Be sure to break up the paragraphs in your posts on Many people with lyme cannot read alot of sentences run together.

    It's best if you leave a space between every 1-2 sentences...thanks!

    Also go to's Medical Questions board and post your questions there....alot of very intelligent people with experience will help you.

    Here is an important paper by a lyme expert.....look at the symptom list pages 9-11 and read through the other info too.....become familiar with it.....

    Also read the info on "Erythema Migrans" (bulleye rash) on page 7.

    Also, another good booklet with basic info and a great symptom list....

    You could have other tick borne coinfections too...they are babesia, bartonella, ehrlichia and others.

    Let me know how I can help you further.

    All the best to you!
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