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    Nan you quoted a report to Romanshopper's post "With doctors like THIS, how do we have a chance"

    My question is this:

    I have never read an article about Fibromyalgia that mentions excess tartar on our teeth (mine is really bad, I had 6 cavities this year after going 30 years without a filling),

    or that FM women often get OA later in life (I have recently gotten that too).

    I definitely have the weight gain though, all 50 pounds of it! Blah!

    Can you point me in the direction of the book or article that states this? I always like to have new information to show to my Rheumy when I visit.

    I just found out that our rural public library can order me books from libraries all over Ontario! I am like a kid with a new toy! LOL

    Thanks hun, I really appreciate all the information I have been getting from you lately.

    hugs Marion
  2. Redwillow

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    You posted a article to Romanshopper: in the 2nd last paragraph from the bottom is said about women with Fibromyalia

    "But they are also prone to...excessive tartar on their teeth."

    I have never seen anything said about teeth before. But my dentist is really concerned about all the tartar on my teeth.

    I just wondered where you have copied the article from so I could give him a copy.

    It also said "in later years, they often develop osteoarthritis."

    hugs Marion
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    How do we plan this chatting thing with different time zones etc?

    Now that hockey season has started I would love to meet people in the chat room if we can figure out how to synchronize our watches.

    hugs Marion
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    I have the same problem with excess tartar which is becoming a concerning gingivitis. Why don't you post a separate thread on this and see what response you get?