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    Hi Nancy. :) Thanks for asking about me in the magnesium post! I thought I'd answer over here just so the thread sticks to minerals. Nice to hear from you.

    Lately I'm in kind of a slump emotionally, cause I thought I'd see if I could reduce my St. John's Wort... nope. But now I know, and I'll be back to my normal dose in a couple days. Physically... better! FFC boosted my calcium WAY up, and added some iron, and my acupuncture is going really well. I can get out of the house for appointments like twice a week now instead of once a week, as long as they are lying-down appointments (accupuncture and counselling). How are you??

    How is your diet doing? Are you still okay with it? I'm getting desperate now because with my sensitivities I only have two kinds of vegetables left... neither one I'm crazy about. Zucchini and lettuce. I want to find a natuopath soon who can desensitize me or heal my guts or something.

    I was wondering... how did you come up with your username? I thought it was an Indian name until I found out you are Nancy. :)

    Love to hear from you. Thanks! ((( ))) Shannon
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