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    Thank you again. Your information truly is helpful. I will look into the Doctor in Beaver Dam that you mentioned. I had my appt with my Neurologist today. He is ordering a couple tests. An MRI of my spine and neck, and also an EMG and NCV. He wants to start eliminating the possibility of other problems. At first he was telling me that I'm in denial because I can't understand this DD, and told me I wasn't lisening to the expert (Dr. Owens who diagnosed me with fibro 2 yrs ago). I told him, How can I listen to the experts when they give me no reason to believe them? I have a vast array of symptoms, some very debilitating. I told him, if he proves to me there is no other condition going on, I will have no choice but to accept that this is Fibro and I will just have to deal with it. But no one has done any further tests on me. The first Doctor that diagnosed me 8 years ago saw me for the first time for 5 minutes, said you have Fibro, gave me 2 prescriptions, and out the door I went. The 2nd Doc re-diagnosed me 2 years ago, again after seeing me for 5 minutes and no other testing. They passify me everytime I see them. I think you are more on to something about the magnesium levels etc. I know that my body does not absorb nutrients well, because I have been told that by my gastroenterologist. So at this point I am probably calcium, protein, iron, magnesium and God knows what else deficient. I just don't know who to talk to about what to take and how much. So I will definately try the Doctor you spoke of in Beaver Dam. This may be a really good fit. Thank you so much. The Neuro today is talking about sending me to Froedort in Milwaukee, or UWMadison for a complete work up. Should I do this? I am so horrible at making decisions, and the Doc always asks me what do you want me to do? As if I had the Degree! LOL
    God Bless you !

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