Narcolepsy/chronic fatigue what the difference ????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sharon5650, Nov 28, 2005.

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    I know this sounds like a stupid question, but really, there doesn't seem to be to much difference in narcolepsy/chronic fatigue. I researched it last night, and most of symptoms I have. I actually fall asleep "awake" with my eyes open, has this happened to you, my eyes are open but I am like brain dead..Peoples faces become distorted, hear things. I fall asleep on buses, subways, miss my stop, don't drive right now, as you can see. However, this does not always happen, its when I am in my mini flares, or flares (is what I like to call them) Then sometimes when I wake up, it feels like I am coming out of anasethetic, just so out of it, can't even talk, debilating fatigue !!! Just not normal, at times I CAN NOT function and CAN NOT perform the normal "activities of daily living" so then this becomes a problem. So really what is the difference?? Actually we have it worse, pain, infections, everything I am going through now..only now I am going to start in Jan the "meyers cocktail" this is no way to live, can't let this disease beat me, its a dam challenge everyday.. Just had to vent!! what is the name of the medications your on for this exhaustion, because this is definatly worse than the pain...can't get anything done...
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    I wish I could answer that question for you but its beyond my knowledge. I know exactly what you're saying about the symptoms being the same sometimes. I have the brain dead feeling when I have a flare up. I am so exhausted I fall asleep waiting in my Doctor's lobby. I always doze off during movies. I get very depressed about the chronic fatigue because I can't be the mother I desire to be so desperately. I make myself get up and get my son off to school. I then bring my 3 year old breakfast upstairs. She will sit on the bed and watch a movie when I'm in the brain dead zone. I am asleep with my eyes open during this time. I can hear her, feel her every move but I can't function. I can't hardly move at all. I encourage her to take a nap simply because I desperately need one. I can't function with normal day to day activities. I pace myself all week long just to clean house. Bathrooms one day, laundry the next, Maybe the floors the next. I have missed appointments, lunch dates with my hubby and even worse field trips with my son because of this horrible quandary. I have been on temporary disibility at work for six months now. I can't imagine being able to work and be a Mom. I have changed from being a workaholic and supermom to a dead bed head. I was always so active before the fibro and chronic fatigue that I'm a different person now. Being exhausted was very unusual for me before. Exhaustion was getting up at 6am to get my son up for school, taking my daughter to storytime at 9am, cleaning, cooking, car pooling 7 boys to baseball. I then would have to be at work at 5pm. after getting off work at 1:30am the night before. 4 hours sleep was tough but still not nearly what exhaustion means to me now. I don't understand having insomnia at night with the pain, Yet I flare up and I sleep the pain away, I sleep the day and night away. Something has to give here because I'm too at a breaking point with the fatigue. I continue my life in pain. I push my self so hard to be a better Mom. So pain or not I function because I have to. I agree the fatigue is far worse than the pain. Not to say the Pain isn't debilitating at all. I hope someone will answer your post with clarity because I too need a change. Good luck and I wish you energy! I pray for a cure!
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