narcotics for pain?

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    I would love to hear anyone else's input in regards to using narcotics for Fibro pain. My doctor does not believe there is any benifit to using them, however has me on Oxycontin and Hydrocodone for breakthru pain, but says it is more for my arthritis and back problems. I hate having to be on them, but truley could not function or work the measley 15 hours a week I do, if I did not have them. They have not been able to control my pain lately and now have sent me back to a pain clinic and because I have recently moved, am going someplace new, so far not impressed with what they want to offer and have a feeling he wants me off these drugs, however I don;t feel I can give them up and be able to have any sort of life, not only do they help somewhat but I am dependant on them now in order to even have any life what so ever. I would love to hear from anyone on their feelings on this ir what their doctors have said.
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    I am on the same medications as you are and I would not give them up unless they come up with some kind of cure for FM. I do not have arthritis or back problems but the narcotics still do A LOT for helping my FM pain. They have gotten me out of my bed and doing things with my family. Not every day is a great day but I have a pretty good baseline and I can get out or do something a couple times a week. I am also able to play the games on our Wii system and that makes me happy and gives me a bit of exercise.

    I think (and so does my mom who has FM) that narcotics do help with our pain. Although they may not help everyone, just like any other medication, works for some not for others.

    I am leaving on a trip to Ottawa, Canada tomorrow morning to visit my mother. I live in NJ, USA. There is no way I could make this trip to visit if I didn't have the medication. This is very important to be able to see my parents a couple times a year. Especially now after my mother just had a mastectomy (the reason for my visit). If I didn't have the meds then I would not be able to get out of bed long enough to make this very very important trip.

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    I've read a lot of different opinions on this topic. Some doctors do not believe narcotics are good for Fibro. Some know and understand that we need something!

    My medication does not completely take away my pain, but it does make the difference between getting out of bed and not. It's more than that actually, sometimes my pain in unbearable. I'm not sure how long I could live like that.

    When I went to a pain clinic and I told them that I was taking Norco, She, (the doctor who also has Fibro) said "I'll let you take yourself off of those, but I don't like prescribing those for you" - the only reason she "let" me have them is because I came to her on them already.
    I have a rheumatologist who told me the same thing - since I was on them when I came to see him, he would not recommend taking me off of them.
    My PCP prescribes for me. I know that she is somewhat uncomfortable because it is out of her realm of expertise. I did not go back to the pain clinic by the way, so my doctor agreed to prescribe for me.

    Pain control is VERY important. If something else they gave me worked, I'd be more than happy to take it - so far nothing has.

    Read the nationalpainassociation dot org There are some great articles about pain and pain control. I have repeated some of what I've read to my doctor and also given her the website.

    I'd just make sure that I'd tell the doctors about how you can or cannot function with your pain level.
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    I tried percocet and vicodin and they dont work for me but percocet does wonders for my sister who also has FM. I also tried oxy and it took all my pain away. I have been trying to get my doctor to give me some for my hard days but she wont. I even asked her for valumn and she wont give me that either. The valumn took all my pain away all day, I know its not a narcotic so I thought she wouldnt mind giving me some but she absolutly refuses. I understand how you feel. I dont want to take them either because I am afraid I will become dependant on them but as far as I can tell there isnt much out there that does help. I think if you can stick with them it would be great. I just wish I can get a doctor that understands the pain enough to know I need more than an anti depressant.
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    If it were not for the Oxycontin I take, I would not be able to get through the day. So far I have been fortunate to have a pain management physician who believes I have a right to be functional. These doctors who are so against narcotics should have to spend 24 hours in our shoes and I think their opinions would change.

    I actually read an article where someone died from uncontrolled pain. (check on the American Pain Foundation site). Perhaps those having trouble getting pain medications should take this article to their physician.

    I hope you can find a physician who will help you.

  6. marcygirl

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    I was diagnosed with FM about 2 1/2 years ago and ignored it as much as I could since I didn't have pain except when I pressed on my upper or lower back, or my hips and upper thighs. This is the first time I'm having what I guess would be called a "Flare up" and I can't stand the pain. Pain in the upper/inner aspects of my thighs, achilles area of both feet, fingers on both hands, shoulders, knees, lower back. Oh my gosh - it's horrible! If I take one step my foot hurts from the achilles area; if I take the next step, the opposite knee hurts. Sitting still I get waves of pain in the upper/inner thigh areas and heat-like pain in the knees (front and back). I can wake up from a sleep with a burning pain in one hip (the one I'm lying on); turn over and 20 minutes later wake up with a burning pain in the other hip (the one I"m lying on now). Getting in and out of my car is just pathetic. The stretching is so painful. To squat to use the toilet - painful. If I'm not feeling stiff, I'm feeling pain, but, at all times, I'm feeling a strong ache (similar to a bad toothache) in most of my body. I know - I'm getting to the narcotics part.

    Lyrica. The Rheumatologist said, "I don't prescribe narcotics for chronic pain. Hopefully, the Lyrica will work after a few adjustment in dosage. It may take a few months". WHAT! A few months! I'm in pain NOW! Thankfully, my primary dr was a bit more empathetic and prescribed Vicodin. The first dose didn't work at all. After 4 hours, I took a second pill. About an hour and 1/2 later, I got up to go to the bathroom and realized I didn't hurt. As a matter of fact, I felt OK. What a relief! I kept taking it as ordered and now stay on top of the pain instead of letting it stay on top of me. I have had some instances where even two pills hasn't worked to relieve the pain though and my dr gave me a percodan (with aspirin). If one doesn't work, I'll try the other, but I refuse to stay in constant pain.

    Since this flare-up, I've been investigating this and have read that some people may act like drug addicts to get their pain medication. I think there's a major difference between a drug addict and a person who is going crazy just trying to get a few minutes without pain.

    I'm an RN. Being on the other side of this has really opened my eyes. I remember being in shhool when one of my instructors said, "If I'm in the hospital and I tell you I'm in pain, before you do ANYTHING else, get me something to relieve my pain". Now that I'm on the other side of this and see how difficult it is to get pain relief, I'm dumbfounded. I just want to keep the pain away, that's all.
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    It sounds like your dr. is turning bad on you. It sounds like you're not as independent as you'd like to be. I take subutex. It can be used for years (it's actually used to help with withdrawal). Now I can do so many things.

    hope this helps.
  8. bikrgrl

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    i would not be able to function without them. Thanks to them, i still have a job.
  9. Hootie1

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    I take tylenol with codeine 3. I had to sign a narcotics agreement today, which I had no problem signing. This agreement states that I will not sell the narcotics or use it for other uses, etc..

    My doctor warned me though that narcotics often require more and more, but he caringly understands that I need it and only warned me about the fact that it could become useless as time goes by, etc.

    I think that we have to be careful, but know that we really do need it. This is not an easy illness!
  10. baanders

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    need I say more? The pain killing effects can last for years.

    Best wishes,
    hugs too...
  11. TropicalGirl

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    Hi Jeerie,

    I just looked up Pamelor, and it too is an antidepressant. I noted your comment in your bio that all of your past Dr.'s thought that FM was just part of depression...just thought that I would let you know about this RX, too.

    Good luck and big hug!

    Tropical Girl
  12. jenn_c

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    I take fentynl 100 mc. change every 48 hrs. Also on Robaxin 750 mg 3 times a day and celebrex. There areother meds I take for anxiety, ADD and depression.

    I too have arthritis in my back, right shoulder and right knee, I have just been formerly told that I have carpo tunnel.

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    I am also on Oxycontin.. Can i ask you Cyndi, what dosage you are taking?

    I take 20 mgs of oxycontin and another pain medication called Tramacet ( I live in Canada)

    The Oxycontin, i cannot take before bed or even at 6 pm.. it will keep me up all night. I take the tramacet at bed and take Oxycontin about 4 am, by the time it works , it helps me feel better when i wake up.

    Am i pain free.. nope.. I dont think there is such a word with Fibromyalgia.

    Today at 4 am my ribs hurt so bad from one side to the other. I didnt want to get up, i turned on my heating pad to try and defer the pain.
    After moving from once side to another and when the Oxycontin kicked in i did get a bit more sleep.

    I find the heating pad , i cant do without.. I have went through atleast 3 of them in the last 10 yrs.

    Oxycontin works " somewhat" I think without it, it would be a disaster.
    I think you don't really know how much its helping tell you stop taking it.

    Pain will control your life if you cannot control the pain.
    The nurse here now understand what real chronic pain is all about.

    Doctor's that dont want to precribe Oxycontin are thinking more of themselves.. worried more about there licence.. Thats how i feel.

    My Doctor said Oxycontin was only prescribe for Cancer , but now they are starting to understand. FM pain can ruine your life and the pain is very bit as real as cancer.

    After all no matter what illness you have Chronic pain is chronic pain.. on and on and on..
    And its the on and on part that becomes very overwhelming.

  14. Janalynn

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    I think what many doctors or even other people don't understand is that this dd 'ain't goin' anywhere'... so yes we may need to be on medication for a long time and yes we may become physically dependent.
    It's not the same as giving refills of Vicodin for someone who broke an ankle and wants more and more.

    My doctor has warned me (although she didn't have to, I've seen it first hand)that eventually the dose needed to help me will need to go up in order to have the same effect. That does concern me - I always wonder where will I go - I mean I'm relatively young (45), but I take each day one at at a time. I also worry about breaking a leg or something and not being able to find adequate pain relief. Actually my doctor is the one who brought that up.

    At any rate, when she first starting seeing me and prescribing for me, she said that I will most likely or could likely need pain medication for the rest of my life. Dependency didn't seem to be a concern of hers and truthfully I hate it, but the alternative is much worse to me- not having anything for the pain. Physically and mentally this FM pain is to me, way too hard to live with on a daily basis.

    I can't remember who posted it- but those of us who do use narcotics, yes we may at times appear to be 'drug seekers'... for pain relief! That's the difference - we're not looking for a high. We're "seeking" help! It's like being so thirsty, not having had a drink of water for days, having it on your counter and not being able to reach it - knowing that it will help your body.

    If a doctor said to me that narcotics dont work for FM, (and they do work for you), I'd say I'd taken them before for a toothache or something and it helped your body pain. I'd also be free in giving what I'd read about it. My feeling is you have nothing to lose. I know some docs don't like patients to come in armed with knowledge, but with this dd, we have to!

    I am very limited on what I can and cannot take. I'm allergic to all aspirin, ibuprofen products. I am thankful beyond words that I have something to take the edge off of my pain. Just as sorry beyond words for those who don't.
  15. joyce38

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    Hi Cindi I am on heavy dut narcotics the highest you can get i have been on every drug i think that they prescribe to chronic pain patients anyway i am on methadone and fentanyl lollipops anf fentanyl is 100 time more powerful than morphine and let me tell you I cant even work not because of the meds but because of my pain if i wasnt on these drugs i couldnt get out the bed at all just to get up in the morning my husband has to roll me over and get me my meds before i can function i am glad my doc is one of the ones not scared to help us fibro cfs and other pain patients so many other people get nothing i think i do depend on them but im not addicted to them i just need them and they do help i am in phila pa Have a nice day and hang in there
  16. luvdogs

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    Narcotics and Benzos certainly take a bad rap, (am I saying this right)? both in general, and in the medical community. Doctors are paranoid about addiction.

    I think narcotics are ok, if your pain is bad enough. I don't take narcotics, but I would if it was the only thing that made me able to function in life.

    If it were me, I would try everything else first, and then go for the narcs if my situation were desperate. I've been greatly helped by physical therapy, yoga, and gentle stretching. My physical therapist specializes in fibromyalgia, so she's great. That doesn't mean I don't have pain. I just live with it. But some of you have pain that's so great, it's unbearable. That's when I think narcs are ok. Otherwise, I would try to go off the narcs, very, very slowly.

    My psychiatrist, who keeps getting different diagnoses, has unbearable pain. So she takes something like Oxycontin or Hydrocodone at night, so she can sleep without the pain.

    I think narcs are also a viable option when you use them occasionally instead of every day, in case of a bad flare.

    Just be careful of an addiction that becomes a greater problem than the pain, and that totally messes up your life. Most of you probably don't have this problem, because you mention being able to visit your families, etc.

    Good luck everyone, and go with what your gut tells you, not what the doctor tells you. If your doctor doesn't give you sufficient pain control, find another doctor.
  17. DeborahLynn

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    Hello! Over the past few years, I've tried so many drugs for ME/CFS and FMS pain. Either the meds gave a bad reaction, I was allertic to them, or the side-effects were intollerable. I was allergic to Zoloft - had an anaphylactic reaction, (scary), had reactions to: Lexapro, Lyrica, Pamelor, and the latest one (just last week) was Cymbalta. Synthroid and Cytomel also didn't help.

    But Oxycontin and Oxycodone do help! I found a pain dr. that really is trying to help. They are really careful about regulation, but they are not afraid to help relieve pain with narcotics. If anyone doubts whether using narcotics for pain is safe or effective, visit the website mentioned above, and look up info on intractable pain.

    There is help out there! If your current doctor doesn't want to help you with your pain, there are others who will. I prayed about it, and I was led to just the right one! God is so good! I'd say try it too! Love, Debbie