Narcotics make your appearance age faster?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RachelLeah, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. RachelLeah

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    Hi. I was wondering if anyone knew if this was true. My mother is a chronic pain patient and she had been on narcotics for about 8-9 years. She has been on heavy duty ones for over a year. She recently saw an Orthopedic Surgeon who told her that being on narcotics would make her look old. Meaning since she's only 42 she would start to look a lot older than that. Is this doctor right?? He's just another one of those docs who doesn't believe in narcotics.........
    Happy Holidays!!
  2. Kelly12

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    I have been on Narcotics for over 10 years and they haven't made me age any faster. I don't know of any proven documentation of whether they age the system or not. I think what happens in some cases is that Narcotics decrease the appetite and those people don't eat much or don't eat healthy. Poor eating habits will age anyone. When I first started on narcotics I had to really concentrate on eating right to do so. As long as your Mom is living as healthy as possible for her I doubt that narcotics will cause her to age any faster in appearance.

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  3. Mikie

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    Chronic illness can age a person, but I have never heard of narcotics doing this. First of all, they don't all work in the same way, so how could they, as a group, all do this? I would think that having chronic pain could make a person age before her time. Smoking causes wrinkles, but nicotine is the only drug I have ever heard of that ages a person. There may be others. I think this doc was just making this up to bolster his position on using narcotics.

    My illness has aged me in the last two year, but a little trip to the plastic surgeon as soon as I take off this last 16 pounds should take care of that :)

    Love, Mikie
  4. allhart

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    i havent heard that before either ive been taking pain killers off and on for 20 years and i dont look older!i actually dont even think i look my age!anyways i think its just anthor stupid dr!
  5. sofy

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    i dont know if there is any real data to back this up but I will tell you that chronic excruciating pain can make you look 20 yrs older in 30 days. 10 yrs. ago when my pain was at a real peak I turned old and haggard overnight. Once I got a diag. and proper treatment the aging went away like it came. The worse thing for looking old is lack of refreshing sleep and no one in pain can sleep. If you hurt that bad you dont care how you look. I say you have to learn how to manage the pain first. It may not have to be narcotics but manage it you must.
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    Well, I'll tell you, I was a heroin addict for 6 years and what they teach you in rehabs is that you don't age for as many years as you've used. That heroin actually preserves you. I think what they meant is when you clean up, you'll look the age of when you started using. I do, I look at least 6 years younger and I'm 34 years old. I'm not sure if it applies to when you are on pain meds or not, but I'd imagine so. I would think you would not age any faster on pain meds, but like what was said earlier, if you don't eat right and take care of yourself, that could definitely make you look older.

    My two cents, ~lisa
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  7. Kimba

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    I have been on painkillers for 12 years and I still get carded at the liquor store. I am 36 years old, I kinda like the compliment.
  8. karen55

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    and at this point, I just don't care if they do. I can honestly say I cannot get through a day without pain meds, and today I feel like a flare is imminent.
  9. Shirl

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    He maybe referring to life time users of hard narcotics plus hard liquor. That is a combination that will age you terribly. I have seen them when working at church. I am talking about people that never seen the daylight without being stoned or drunk.

    But to be on pain meds for medical reasons, I don't believe that.

    I think ageing has more to do with genes and sunlovers than meds.

    As for as foods, I have always been a terrible eater , but do not eat fast food or junk food, just don't eat much or often. I have no problem with my looks, always looked years younger than I am.

    Shalom, Shirl

  10. RachelLeah

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    Thanks to everyone for the quick response. I figured the doctor was full of it, but I wanted to get your opinions. Thanks again. Merry Christmas!! Happy Holidays.
  11. Mikie

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    In fact, I think some of them take a resident course in it :)

    Love, Mikie
  12. JP

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    Hello Rach,

    Logically speaking, it would have more of the opposite effect. If used correctly, it should reduce pain and stress and slow the rate of aging compared to living with high stress and pain without narcotic relief.

    just my thoughts...jan