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    HELP! I have been lurking for quite awhile. Husband, has Fibro,Hypothyroid,Anemia,polyneuropathy,Myositis,Chronic Pain,Chronic Fatigue,Leg Cramps,Hypertension,Tremor,Chronic Edema. Has applied for both R.R.Disability Retirement and Texas Teacher Disability Retirement. Found out today that the Teacher Retirement has denied his claim. Talked to lady there and she said that the "Narrative Letter" was "Subjective" and needed to be "Objective". His doctor was taking forever to prepare this letter, finally we wrote it and she signed it. Does anyone have a "Narrative Letter" that was successful??? Could you please share it? Thanks ever so much for your help! I am also disabled, had massive coronary two years ago, with emergency bypass @ 54yrs. I finally will have my SS hearing next month. Money and nerves are running mighty slim around here.
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    Hi welcome to the board, just stopped to say hello, can't help with your problems, but others here have had similar problems, and they will be glad to share with you.

    Shalom, Shirl