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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by CheerBear, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. CheerBear

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    Hi, I would like to know if anyone here has used steroid nasal sprays for their allergies before? Did you have any side-effects of it? Did you experience overdose? What is the amount that you are currently taking(how many sprays/nostril/day)? What's the brand you are using?
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    I have been addicted to the 12 Hour nasal sprays for about 20 years. Don't seem to have allergies per say just that the nasal spray is working against me and keeping me needing more to battle congestion. Every so often, I get a prescription for Beconase; Veconase (sp?); Nasoral or Flonase and get off the 12 Hour stuff for awhile. I believe that Flonase is really the best stuff out there to use on a daily basis. Use it as directed and you MUST use it at the same time each day. When I first start on it, however, I cheat and use alittle 12 Hour stuff with it so it will get past the congestion. Then it works great and you should have relief in about 3 days. Then continue it and you feel so much better. Wish that I would take my own advise!! But it's really great stuff and it's not really a steriod so there's not really any side effects. The side effects you get from the OTC stuff is what's really bad. Hope this helps.
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    I came back to the Uk from Rome 3 months ago as soon as I landed I couldn't stop sneezing and had a blocked nose, I was constantly having sneezing bouts. Went to my local doctor and he told me that there was nothing he/I could do ! when mentioning this to one of my clients they told me to get a nasal spray I couldn't get the one that they recommended (the store didn't stock it) so they recommened a nasal spray called 'BECONASE' (hayfever relief for adults)
    to be sprayed/inhaled into the nostrels in the morning (on rising) and in the evening before going to bed. the effect was immediate and total!! using this nasal spray was one to the best drug/medicane that I have ever taken! I no longer have any problems in that area (which I suffered for years on and off before my Rome trip), I would recommend the spray to anyone who suffers the same symptons as me.