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    There is a strange and powerful sense of public loss this evening, with the sudden death of Natasha Richardson. An actor in her own right, film and stage, she was also the daughter of acting royalty, the Redgraves.

    Liam was a plain man, drove a fork lift and stumbled into acting. He is one of our most brilliant and gifted actors alive.

    This evening there is alot of talking about why the public is so moved, grieving, blogging, sending notes and must be, they keep noting, her wonderful acting in films and her Tony award for Cabaret...his acting in Schindler's List.

    The very strange thing is that Liam had previously made two films in which he lost the woman he loved, very much as he lost his real wife, Natasha...from great and unexpected catastrophy.
    In Ethan Frome, based on a short novel by Edith Wharton, the crippled Frome brings in the cousin of his ill wife to care for her. The girl is young, vibrant and beautiful. Bent, hobbling, depressed from his wife's verbal abuse and ingratitude, the viewer watches the transformation of Ethan Frome into someone brought to life from being loved and loving back. But the story is a tragedy, as today's story is for him.

    I think what is most painful in all of this, is that we saw two people who seemed genuinely to love and protect each other. They faced the world as a unit far from tabloid scandal, in a time when relationships, marriages are fragile, disposable and replaceable...I think of Liam, left bereft of a love that he held so dear, Natasha had nursed him only 2 yrs ago after an accident left him with a crushed pelvis.

    EVery time my son calls I ask him about his brother and sisters...I remind all of them that partners and parents come and go,brothers should look after their sisters...I might as well be speaking in greek.
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    am really saddened by her passing.

    She was a fine artist and, by all accounts and all evidence, she was principled, gracious, kind, gentle and radiant with life.

    It is that vibrant and vital life force being gone that is so very shocking to me. It's hard to believe that someone so vividly alive could be taken so easily.

    Reminds us all to make the most of every moment because it is all we can be sure of.

    And, it reminds us to make sure that everyone we love knows that we love them.

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    I had so hoped that she would be alright, but deep down, I felt differently.

    My Heart goes out to Her Family and Her Fans, I have been a Fan for years.
    She leave's us with her Image, of what an Actor really is.
    A True Talent, that will be greatly missed.

    She wasn't wearing a helmet at the time, what a shame since she was only on a"bunnyslope", she might not have been hurt so badly.

    I really think there should be better headgear for Skiers and Snowboarders, so many lives have been lost, that might not have been if there were better Head Protection.

    I myself, never felt the urge to ski, my Mom sprained her ankle her first time, out, back in 63, so that keep me off the slopes, even tho, I have friends who do both Sports, makes me nervous when they do go out.

    May God Bless Her and give Her Family Comfort.
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    However,I have to wonder if there wasn't a previous injury to her brain. It was stated that her fall was very minor. Up until six years ago, I skiied every weekend. When I think of some of the really hard falls I experienced(without a helmut)without any really serious injuries(otherthan a dislocated shoulder),this seems like a freak accident to me. I wonder if an autopsy will be performed? Jeanne
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    TV was speaking with one of the ski instructors and he said that although he and his family always wear helmets, many people absolutely do not want to wear them on the ski slopes (wonder if that's part of the looking "cool on the slopes" attitude). He said that many injuries would have been avoided by helmets.

    My boss years ago went skiing and was seriously hurt. She wasn't a pro, but eventually came back in a cast all broken up. She was fortunate she did not die. Sonny Bono died, one of the Kennedys also died. We hear about the famous ones that died or got really hurt, but we don't hear about the other injuries and people do get hurt.

    A doctor on TV explained that the head is fragile and a hit to the head can start internal bleeding which may allow a person to continue feeling okay and talking but then in minutes to hours later, as the pressure builds inside the skill, the person ends up with headaches and eventually in the E.R. and can be fighting for their life. The skull is hard so the bleeding grows and the pressure from the bleeding builds, it cannot expand outwards but goes downward into the brain (not good) and can be terminal. Also, a hit to the head can cause a blood clot which can end up being fatal.

    Joan Rivers said she had a terrible fall on the ski slopes and said to herself that if she can get up, she will never ski again--it scared her that bad. Finally she was able to get herself up and never skied again.

    Today's news said they are doing an autopsy.
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    No prior injury--she died of blunt impact to the head.

    To everyone who skis, now is the time to put on a helmet with you and your loved ones ski. Do it in memory of this fine actress who died, but also because a skiing accident can cause death to come just that fast.
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