NATEUCA all natural eucalyptus spray for pain relief

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    I am using and have used a product called NATEUCA for more than two years that I read about on another forum for gout and boy it worked. Was I ever so surprised to discover that it really helped my fibro as well. I spray it on the area directly bothering me and it quickly relieves the discomfort. Sometimes I take a spoonful and pour it in the bath tub while the warm water is running to help with all over pain ( you know what I mean ). This is honest to goodness pain relief without a DR visit or prescription. Google it to find where to buy it and read the testimonials. That's what I did and ordered it and have ever since. This is not an advertisement for the company. I paid 29.99 for a small bottle and 49.99 for the large. I use it a lot so the large is what I buy. best of luck with your fibro my friends.