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    (I posted this on another thread, after thinking about it I feel it needs it's own thread)

    ....for FMS, CFS, and related illnesses is May 12.

    The May 12th date was chosen to honor the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the English army nurse who was a pioneer of the Red Cross Movement. Nightingale was virtually bedridden with a painful and fatiguing illness resembling FM/CFS, yet went on to inspiring accomplishments, including the founding of the first School of Nursing.

    fmaware dot org site has a lot of information (as does the Nation CFIDS association) on this and how people can participate and help bring awareness.

    As with any cause it's strength depends on participation...public education, awareness, and information.

    If you can't get out to participate you can send emails, letters, and make phone calls.

    Individuals or groups can request informations packets from the Nation CFIDS Association of America or the National Fibromyalgia Association.

    Write letters/emails to your mayors, congressmen, senators, etc...get involved.

    I have requested my free packet...anyone else?



  2. Cromwell

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    Thanks AC
  3. kjfms

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    ...brelyn and Cromwell thank you both for reading and bumping.

    Thank you to all who read and participate.

    In order to get the aweareness out there we really need to participate. This packet even has sample letters, newspaper releases, etc....

    This is too important to ignore!

    Thank you,

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    I also just posted a message about the Fibro Bracelets and pins that are available from the National Fibromyalgia Research Association.

  5. Lindy2

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  6. kjfms

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    fight, rocknroll, ouch, and lindy..

    Thank you all for the show of support in this matter.

    I think it is great! :)


  7. Lindy2

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    Let's keep this bumped to the front page. I have signed up also for free information.

    This is very important for all of us and May 12 is coming quick.

    Hugs to All!
    Lindy :O)
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    seached and searched and can't find the link to sign of for free info packet. Dumber than a box of rocks today.... sigh
  9. tonakay

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    Karen, anybody??
  10. kjfms

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    Good for you for requesting the packet... :) I am looking forward to mine :).


    My fault I should have been a little more clear about the sites (you can just google them too), I think the way I listed below will be easier. Sorry about that :).

    I can not post the direct link on this board (rules) but here is a link which contains both links. Good luck.

    Scroll down to "request free packet from these organizations" and click on which ever link you prefer


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    I'll check it out today and get mine ordered.
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    Did you request a free packet that they will mail to you? I can only find a printable packet (at the cfids assn of amer. site) - wasn't sure if its the same one. Thanks. AMY
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    yes it is a PDF download.

    I must confess...I have had my mother in the hospital and have not done this....was going to and things keep happening. I was thinking the packet was mailed...that is what I get for not following through.

    I am very sorry for that, my only excuse is that I have to many things going on. My mother is schizophrenic and I now have to place her in an assisted living facility, I also work (a shift that is different every week) and I have this stupid pituitary tumor going on....not an excue just an explaination.

    I feel awful about this espiecially now with everything that has been going on with this board. I know everyone is feeling a little gun shy.

    When I first posted this in another thread then posted it in it's own thread I had another window open with every intention of requesting the packet. Then go sidtracked by my mothers situation. I am sorry I said I had done this when I hadn't.

    I am not trying to get sympathy or anything just telling what has been going on. I just don't want anyone to think I am a big fat liar.

    I do feel this is a very good cause. I just feel very bad for saying that I had requested a packet when I hadn't...for that I am sorry. If you all would like me to not post anymore I will understand.

    I did honestly mean to get the packet, I just haven't had the time. I pop in here when I get the chance actually I have become hooked on this site.

    I hope everyone can forgive me, I do so enjoy this site and have a lot of respect everyone here. If you all can't get passed this and trust me-I will understand.

    Deepest apologies,

  14. amymb74

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    I just wanted to make sure this was the same packet - I didn't want to miss out on another one if there was one. I also think this day is important to participate in some form. Thank you so much for posting about CFIDS?FM Awareness Day - some of us wouldn't have known about it without you - we're lucky to have you. AMY
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  15. kjfms

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    so much. I am so glad you are doing this. I have a few things going on right now and I am go to take a breather and reorganize. I hope to have my plan of action in place well before May 12.


  16. Lindy2

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