National CFIDS foundations memorial list ((might trigger))

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    National CFIDS foundations memorial list. It was posted in the past, but we have many new members who might want to see it.
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    thanks i will have to take a look
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    Jason L. Brekenridge (whose name is among the memorial list). He posted on this board a few years ago under the username Triplecow.

    Jason was very young, intrepid, rash and DETERMINED to find an answer to his infuriating disability. He kind of pushed the limits on this board, so I was was saddend, but understood, when he lost his posting privileges.

    I "met" him on another board and followed his lively research using himself as a guinea pig...trying desperately to solve the conundrum of CFS and wanting so feverently to experience a normal youth (had lost girlfriend and job). He lived with alcoholic parents who kicked him out on a cold night close to Christmas. He died that night of a seizure.

    This internet life is a strange phenomenon. I was surprised to be SO affected by news of his death (from another board). As inappropriate as he could sometimes be, his huge true heart (as well as HURT), and rambunctios youthfulness always shined through. He brought out the motherliness in a lot of women on both boards. His death still haunts me, and I hope to jar some old-timer's board members memories of him.

    His young life deserves memorial. May Jason not only rest in peace, but ROCK ON!
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    That is sooo troubeling to hear. Thanks for telling your story. Maybe this post can become a memorial of sorts.

    When I look at my family (3 fibroites besides me) I fear that 2 of them will go to a better place because of cardiac complications because of this DD. I suspect there is undiagnosed CFS in these two, since they present with some typical problems associated with it. By God, let me be wrong.

    Many fibrohugs
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    and am so sad to hear of his passing. He was quite a character and I was so hoping that he would get better on his own as young people seem to be able to do sometimes.

    Thanks for letting us know about this special young man.
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    I don't think anyone directly dies from CFIDS and hope that this thread does not serve alarmist tendencies. But I do believe that having a whacked-out immune response can set one up for a bad outcome from other disorders and circumstances.

    My mother died at a relatively "young" age of 72 as a result of congestive heart failure. All her life (that I remember) had been one of pain and fatigue. Since I was a kid she sought some kind of diagnosis. Somehow I believe that her demise was related to her life-long condition; but not directly attributable.

    In Jason's case, I believe that the circumstances were remote and yet near. It is so hard to get anyone to understand your extra-sensitivity (his parents), but technically his death was attributable to another condition (seizures / nervous system disorder).
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    If anyone feels this thread serve alarmist tendencies I will promptly remove it.

    Many blessings,

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    I do not think this is an "alarmist" thread and hope you don't feel you need to delete it. I think that there needs to be attention paid to puzzling health conditions that can possibly lead to one's death. I think that both the public and the medical community should be aware that...just because they cannot fit someone's health complaints within a neat box...that they stil deserve to be listened to....and that not to do so can imperil a life.

    I wouldn't want anyone to read this and jump to the conclusion that CFIDS leads to death, because I don't believe it does. On the other hand, I believe that the 2nd class life a CFIDS sufferer may have to live (lack of health care, financial/social support), leaves one more vulnerable to further unhealthful situations.

    I hope you don't delete this thread, and I thank you for posting it.

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    I haven't been on the message boards for a long time, and I just found out today about Jason..... wow knocked the breath out of me. We corresponded thru emails and he would also send me copies of the CFIDS newsletter to my home. We loved to discuss the current research. I was also aware of his problems with his parents.

    I took a break from the boards so I didn't know of his death till I saw his name on the memorial list, I know all the real oldies, Jelly, Klutzo, Tansy, and Mikie and others remember him well.......

    I'm truly saddened, Hi to all the oldies that remember me, and God Bless Jason.