National CFIDS virus found

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 3gs, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. 3gs

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    Potential Animal virus in pts with CFS MS and epilepsy. Interesting article. This site has some amazing info and as posted earlier a memorial site.
  2. TeaBisqit

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    My guess, for alot of us, it was in the vaccines. It probably made us ticking timebombs and then you get hit with something that just unleashes it in your system.

    What's sad is, even though the articles are a few years old now, no one seems to care about this. It was never on the news. These kind of findings do legitimize us and no one cares. It's just unreal.
  3. simpsons

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    i,m sure you could well quite right about the vaccines. the gulf war veterans had many problems their vaccines and had to fight hard for help. allthough i got ill with me after an operation and many antibiotics, i had a dreadful reaction to vaccinations within hours of having the travel vaccinations. they took the me to another level altogether to what you can see as severe me.

    i find now they had mercury in them some of them and the live virus in some.

    the symptoms are very simular to ebv virus i had when i was 17 i often think that.

    iwas told to be care ful that the ebv could come back and not show on tests but now they dismiss that

    thank you for highlighting this. perhaps a thread asking how many had ebv would be interesting

  4. skeptik2

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    Are you talkiing about the PIV5 virus?

    I think the reason it isn't being followed anymore is because the research was being funded by the Dept of Defense, as I recall. Why? Good question.

    It is supposedly from swine.

    The NCF's latest issue is about how they have discovered a "process" that leads to a certain kind of leukemia. That seems so far afield of CFIDS/ME that I'm a bit disappointed. Seems we would be talking here with patients who have that, more often.

    Maybe patients go on to develop leukemia, but think it is an unrelated (to M.E.) thing going on with them.

    95% of the patients' blood that they sent to Dr. Hokama in Hawaii said they were positive for reactions to the assay for ciguatera poisoning, also...but, they aren't following that at the NCF anymore, either, I don't think. Wonder why?

    So many mysteries surrounding this disease, so many "cover-ups", so many lies and charlatans selling snakeoil.

    I hope the WP Institute will get these researchers all over the world off their collective duffs and they will compete to get the patent for the diagnostic test and then the treatment.

    Best wishes to all

  5. ladybugmandy

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    gb66...have you tried antivirals for CFS??
  6. Rockismom

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    I have always compared the way I feel to having mono. Sometimes I say I feel like the mono bug has bitten me (again)! Other times I say I feel like I still have "growing pains" because as a child that is what I was told when I spoke of my aches and pains.

    By the way, is glandular fever the same as mono? I was told I had that, mono - when I was only eight years old, a "liver inflammation" when I was in college and now Fibro. Not sure the diagnosis in my younger years were correct?

  7. dannybex

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    ...a couple of years ago as they're always so negative and seem to spend 3/4 of each issue bashing other organizations and doctors, instead of telling stories of recovery or reporting about studies that showed improvement w/CFS by using various treatments/methods...or how improving immune system function may help patients improve...

    Gb66 is correct. The PIV virus theory is a couple years old, and before that it was ciguatera, etc., etc..

    In the meantime, some people (yes, a minority, but still true) are actually getting better and some have even completely recovered. But you won't read that in the NCF newsletter.

    And I have no idea why...


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