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    In today's coupon magazine from Fashion Bug is a HUGE article from the CEO, Dorrit Bern.

    This article is part of an ongoing campaign to raise awareness about Fibroyalgia! In the article she descibes the life of a woman named Sarah who was once a successful business woman and mother and now suffers from sever FM. The article also describes some FM symptoms and stats.

    It is so wonderful to get this type of national awareness! I have shopped at Fashion Bug often and plan on taking my article with me the next time I go in to thank them personally. Maybe there is a way we can find a web site or email address to personally thank Dorrit Bern for writing this article for all of us that suffer with FM.

    We need all the awareness that we can and hopefully someday there will be a cure for this DD.

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    I am going to try to find an e-mail address or something for Dorrit Bern at Fashion Bug to thank this person. I'll see if I can put the e-mail address here if I can find it...

    Thanks, ChicagoEmerald!


    Update: I went to
    and went to the bottom of that webpage where it says:
    "Customer Service"; right unerneath that it says: contact us. If you click on that, it will take you directly to a place where you can choose "send us an e-mail", then there is a drop-down menu under "category", and you can choose Dorrit's name and write an e-mail. I did, and it only took a minute. Thanks all! [This Message was Edited on 04/30/2007]
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    Hope this helps
    Anyone can visit the Fashion Bug website, they list their magazine at the bottom, "Woman to Woman"
    If you open the magazine, it has an option to email Ms. Bern. They do not list the email publically.

    Ms. Dorrit Bern is the CEO of the corporate conglomerate
    that includes Lane Bryant, Catherines and Pueblo Traders.
    She sounds like a wonderful woman.

    Her email page is:

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