National Folic Acid Awareness 1/5-11/2014

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    THis week is National Folic Acid Awareness Week....not only is Folic Acid critical for brain development of the unborn baby, but so important for our health as we age.

    Folic Acid is the synthetic form of this B9 Vitamin, Folate is the Natural Form.

    I have been having elevated homocysteine levels and finding that I need more Folic Acid aka Folate. I'm taking a Cardio B product with 5mg of Folic Acid for now. I'm going to go to another Homocysteine formula which contains 800mcg of Folate....

    Folic Acid is critical for mood, energy, brain health and much more...

    Folic Acid is in some foods, but like with all our foods, we need to take a lot to get the nutrients we need and oftentimes we don't eat foods that are best.
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    A significant percentage of the population has difficulty turning synthetic folic acid into usable forms of folate. Dr Ben Lynch has done much research about this subject, especially as it applies to unborn babies. In the link, he says, "I encourage you, as an individual looking to optimize your health and possibly your future child’s, to inform your physician, friends and loved ones about the dangers of folic acid – and the benefits of reduced folate such as methylfolate."