Nationalities or your blood line.

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    What an interesting thought. I was reading the info from an african-american and wondered what all the different nationalities were and if there was any that was more representative than another one.
    I am German-from Russia mennonite from the Black Sea area on my fathers side and English from my mother's side. I had an old DO doctor tell me one time that we are a result of what our ancestors ate. I can trace my ancient ancestors back to the Netherlands at about the time the ice age was getting over. What did they eat? You would probably need to know where all they migrated to and what they ate from ancient times to now. I can see this would get a bit complicated but interesting.
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    9/16 German (I think), plus Irish, French, Norwegian and Bohemian.
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    French Scotch Dutch English Cherokee (I'm a mutt!)

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    Mainly Scotch-Irish, English, German, Cherokee.

    Many more found but way back.

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    Scotch, Irish, English and way back viking!
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    Primarily English, Norwegen and German.
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    But long ago we discussed this without finding any patterns. There was also some info presented a long time ago that a researcher had found what he thought was the family with the original damaged gene(s) which cause our illnesses. They were either Irish or Scottish; I can't remember which.

    Of course, by now, with all the marriages and blood lines, it would be impossible to tell unless someone could trace back for many generations.

    Love, Mikie
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    I am French Canadian and about 1/4 Native American (Seneca).
    Two of my grandprents are native american and the rest of my descendents have lived in Quebec Canada for about 200 years. I believe most of my fench canadain relatives were trappers and then farmers until my grandparents came to the United States via New England in the early 1900's

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    Heinz 57 here, I do genealogy when time and energy permit.
    maybe Native American
    Doctor says Northern European

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    It's interesting how many people here also have Native American ancestors.

    I'm Irish, Cherokee, English, German.

    My theory is that Native Americans for thousands of years had a VERY low carbohydrate diet. They lived mainly on meat, berries, nuts, a few varieties of roots, some had squashes and beans, and rarely they had wild rice grains and some corn grains. After evolving thousands of years on this diet, in a matter of 100 years they are suddenly bombarded with refined wheat flours, sugar, dairy, etc.. a totally different diet. I am allergic to gluten and can't digest dairy very well. I believe both problems went on for years and led me into a Candida overgrowth that destroyed my immune system enough to allow the Herpes viruses to go systemic. All because my ancestory is part Native American so my system had not evolved to eat wheat and sugar and dairy.

    It's a thought anyhow :)

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    Long ago, when survival of the fittest was how we evolved, the weak were thinned out. I believe the human specie is designed to evolve toward strength.

    The problem is that now we pollute the water, earth, and air, and we eat things never intended for consumption. Instead of this causing the weak to die and the strong to flourish, modern medicine keeps the weak alive to procreate weaker and weaker generations. Even the strong are not up to thriving in such polluted environments and more and more, the whole specie is weakening.

    That's my theory based on nothing more than my own observations and opinions.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi. I am Ashkenazi Jewish - part Hungarian, Polish and Russian. I grew up in New York and my family ate a LOT of carbs - potatoes, noodles, all kinds of breads, bagels and rolls - the NY bakeries are the best! I also love Italian food - pasta!!!! There are quite a few diseases that are more prevalent in the Ashkenazi population. My son has ulcerative colitis and this group of people are more prone to this disease, as well as breast cancer. But I haven't heard that FMS is one of the illnesses we are prone to. I don't think enough research has been done yet. But this is an interesting train of thought.......

    Annette2 (the bagel lover)!!!!
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    Mostly German, some French, and English
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    I am one quarter German, one quarter Tuscarora (Native American), and the rest is Scotch-Irish.

    About the theory mentioned above regarding the Native American diet, that is pretty right on. Native Americans have a high rate of diabetes and it thought that is because until the recent past they survived on their native diets.

    Since they adapted to our "American" lifestyle ( with a large amount of help by the government forcing the children into schools where they were stripped of their heritage) a large percent have become diabetic.

    I have researched a lot about the Indian Schools because my grandmother attended one and then became one of the few Natives who were allowed to teach in one.

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    I just read your post and I totally agree about the diet changes among native aamericans. I just returned from a vacation in Montana where I visited an old friend who lives on the Blackfeet reservation in Browning. He is a diabetic and the majority of the kids on the reservation are obeses due to our Western diet. I have really never have had problems with my weight, but since being diagnosed with FM I cut out a great majority of refined foods and sugars and what a difference. I talked with my friend about this. Unfortuntley the health care on the reservations is really bad, but I really do believe that native American bloodline may contribute to developing FM due to the lifestyle and the difference in DNA similiar to alcoholism with native americans.
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    dutch, asian indian...
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    The reason I was wondering about this very thing is that MS and Parkinson's descriptions mention that Scottish or United Kingdom decedents make up the majority. Since our symptoms mirror MS and some Parkinson's I was wondering about this for us. So far, I've found a lot of Scots-Irish (which, of course, started out in Scotland).

    I'm pure Scotch (maybe one or two Irish grandmothers) on my mother's side and pure Welsh on my father's side.

    Hey, Achy - The Gilmores came down from the child of a Viking invader (Guilmorry) as well!

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    Scotch-Irish and German..It is interesting that it may be the Scotch-Irish genes, as my cousin, who also has CFS, is from that side of the family...

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    Except to say my Mom was Irish my father Sioux so I am Irish-Sioux....sounds like something people have for dinner (Irish Stew) LOL