Nat'l ME/FM Action Network in Nature's Bounty Contest--Up to $15,000 Prize--Canada Only

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    For Canada residents only (excluding Quebec): The National ME/FM Action Network in Canada is participating in the Nature’s Bounty “Share the Bounty” contest for a $15,000, $10,000, or $5,000 prize in the Wellness category. They are currently in second place. There are also two contest drawings each week for $500 prizes. The DAILY vote runs until April 8, 2014. Voters may cast up to five votes each day for different charities and a bonus vote if voting on a consecutive day. The bonus vote must be used for one of the charities already voted for that day. Thank you for your help!
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    Nat'l ME/FM has moved into 1st place! Thanks to all the Canadians who are voting daily! Remember to look for the bonus vote when voting on a consecutive day. Bonus votes really add up!
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    Canadian voters are doing a terrific job! They now have a lead of 100+ votes!
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    Harmony In Action is in No. 2 spot and only 75 votes behind. They have moved up very rapidly. If you are Canadian, please vote and ask family and friends to vote daily. (Excludes Quebec). Thanks for your help!
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    Please vote daily for the National ME/FM Action Network in the contest. If you vote on consecutive days you'll get a bonus vote. We need every Canadian voting for us.

    If you'd like a daily reminder, please join event

    Please SHARE widely.

    We are currently in 2nd place for $10,000! Thanks to everyone who has been voting and sharing!!! Please keep up the great work!
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    If you are Canadian and are able, please vote DAILY! The Canadians are doing a terrific job of keeping the Nat'l ME/FM Action Network in 2nd place, but are experiencing some voter fatigue. You get a bonus vote for voting on a consecutive day. Voting continues until Apr. 8th. If you could also please help spread contest info, that would be super! Thanks so much for you help!
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    Canadians--ME/FM's lead was cut drastically yesterday--to 890 votes. 3rd place group is finding new voters. Their bonus votes will start kicking in, so our lead could drop pretty fast. Nine days left to go! Please vote daily, use bonus vote when voting on a consecutive day, and share widely on ME and FM forums (if permitted) and with family and friends. Let's hold on to 2nd place for $10,000! Thanks to everyone who has been voting and sharing!
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    URGENT: Nat'l ME/FM has been in 2nd place for months, but are in danger of losing it all! With just 4 days to go, 3rd and 4th place are finding massive amounts of votes and have just about halved the 1,000-vote lead that we had in the last couple of days! If you are Canadian (not from Quebec), please vote DAILY, use bonus votes when voting on consecutive days, and Share info on Facebook pages and/or Tweet on Twitter! Ask a Canadian family member or friend to vote! Let's get the word out that we need help to win the $10,000! Vote at: We don't want wind up with $0. Thanks so much to all who have been supporting ME/FM in this contest!
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    Information provided by May Twelfth:
    Please plan for your voting on Tues Apr 8 - the last day of voting. It ends at 8:59:59 AM CDT. So that means you have to cast your vote early. Due to time zones the voting windows will be

    Newfoundland Time Tues Apr 8th 2:30 AM to 11:30 AM

    Atlantic Time Tues Apr 8th 2 AM to 11 AM

    Eastern Time: Tues. Apr. 8th 1 AM to 10 AM.

    Central Time: Tues. Apr. 8th 12 AM to 9 AM.

    Mountain Time: Mon. Apr. 7th 11 PM to Tues. Apr. 8th 8 AM.

    Pacific Time: Mon. Apr. 7th 10 PM to Tues. Apr. 8th 7 AM.

    So if you're on the west coast you can vote before you go to bed Monday night.

    Vote at: The final votes are crucial. Thank you very much for your support!
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    You probably have heard that the National ME/FM Action Network won 2nd place--$10,000! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this contest!