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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dorrene, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. dorrene

    dorrene New Member

    Last year when I read about Dr. Montoya and Valcyte I was ready to give it a try. But then I read about all the serious side effects.
    So I started taking all the natural anti-virals I could find instead. I am happy to report it worked! AFter a six months my health and strength has really improved.

    I take: Green tea capsules (gaia Brand) 4-6/day
    Source naturals Transfer factors 3-6 caps/day
    Blockade with virabloc 1-2/day
    Thymus gland
    Reshi mushoom
    Chinese pills, Yin chio, culing or culing pills
    Hope this helps
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  2. greeneyeslk

    greeneyeslk New Member

    Thanks Dorenne for the list. Are most of these available at the health food store or are some of them online?

    Jam - Are there any side effects that you know of with the Olive Leaf Extract?

  3. dorrene

    dorrene New Member

    I buy them at my local health food stores. The chinese pills (curing pills or yin chio) are easier to find at health food stores. You can find everything else online ...cheaper maybe. New Chapter Host Defense has all the mushrooms and is very good too. Full spectum probotics like New chapter All Flora boosts your immune system too. The thymus gland extract with mushrooms I just started taking a couple months ago and it has really made a difference.
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  4. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Interesting, Dorrene!

    I noticed the new product called "Blockade with virabloc" in my local non-chain health food store. I wondered what was in it. It says it contains herbs, but doesn't say which ones.

    So I am hesitant to try it. It's too risky for me without knowing what's in it, because I react badly to many things. I suppose the formula is proprietary.

    I'm interested to hear that you haven't taken any coconut derivatives like monolaurin or caprylic acid. Those are pretty common natural anti-virals.

    I take Virastop, which is a natural enzyme product. I guess there are a lot of natural anti-virals out there.

    Anyway, I am REALLY happy for you!!!

  5. dorrene

    dorrene New Member

    Blockade is just elderberry that has been specially processed. It's very safe, no herbs just berries. I bought some when I had a cold and worked like magic my cold was gone after two lozgeses.
    I have tried these...coconut derivatives like monolaurin or caprylic the past they upset my stomach and didt' seem to do anything for me. Virastop I have not tried's pricey and I have tried the enzymes in the past.. but they were no real help. Transfer factors and all the rest I take I have carefully tested on myself and I know they have real results...I'm not sick anymore and I was sick with cfs for ten years and fibro for about 20 years.
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  6. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Thank you for the info, Dorrene. I appreciate it!

    Maybe I'll try some Blockade then.

    I can tell you that none of the other enzyme products did anything noticeable for me, either. But the ones made by the Enzymedica co seem to be much more powerful. But they are pricey, true.

    But maybe by this point you don't need any more anti-virals, since you have your program figured out.

  7. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    I thought this was a good time to bump this back to page one.

    I would add:

    --Intravenous Vitamin C (used by many practitioners in the early days of ME/CFS, before synthetic antivirals were available)

    Ah, and I found this, posted originally by Slayadragon:

    Master List of Antivirals (with thanks to Elisa) 06/23/08 01:21 PM



    Beta glucan


    burdock root

    Cat's Claw


    Coconut Oil/lauricidin

    Colloidal Silver





    Garlic extract

    Green Tea



    Indian Consumption Plant (Lomatium Dissectum)

    Inositol or IP6


    Lavender (essential oil)

    Lemon balm (made fresh)

    Licorice root extract




    North American ginseng root extract

    Olive Leaf Extract

    Oregano Oil

    Oscillocinum (homeopathic)

    Pau D'arco





    sheep sorrel



    St John's Wort

    Sweet annie (Artemisia annua)

    Thymus extract

    Transfer Factor


    Undenatured Whey Protein

    Virastop (enzymes)

    Vitamin A, C & E

    Wild Oats (Avena sativa)



    And added by ladybugmandy:

    Dont forget red marine algae!

    I'm sure there are many others. Hopefully people will add their ideas to this thread.

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