Natural Alternitive To AntiDepressants

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by livewire66, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. livewire66

    livewire66 New Member

    I read a post several days ago,and someone was asking about natural alternatives to anti-depressants. At that time I didn't have time to respond so I hope who ever posted that will read this.

    First of all let me clarify that I AM NOT A DOCTOR BASHER! But I do belive in alternative and natural medicine. Only because of my own personal experience. I have had Fibromyalgia symptoms for at least ten years and was just diagnosed in March of this year. Why so long for a diagnosis? I take partial responsability for my lack of diagnosis because I was not assertive and clear about all of my symptoms. And partial blame to the doctors for not being more educated.

    I have been diagnosed and treated for depression for five years now. And in those five years I have been on three different anti-depressants. Lexapro, Wellbutrin XL, and Zoloft. I sufferd with the side effects of these drugs for the entire time of there use, dizziness, stomach pains, loss of sex drive, anxiety, incressed depression(go figure that)incressed fatigue and others. I didn't want to give up because I just wanted to feel better and have a life again.

    So I decided to do some research on Depression and Fibromyalgia. And I won't even get started on the drugs I was on for the Fibromyalgia!!!!!!! What a nightmare!! So for days I read everything I could on these conditions and decided to contact a facility that delt with natural medicine. So now I have been on narural medicine for my Depression and Fibromyalgia for just shy of three months and I FEEL BETTER NOW THEN I HAVE FOR AT LEAST SIX YEARS!!!!!!!!!!! NO SIDE EFFECTS!!!!! NO SIDE EFFECTS!!!!!! I feel like a different person! Just writing this is making me cry.

    I'm on NeuroReplete. One of the main ingrediants in this product is 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan)a natural serotonin . CHK Nutrition products can only be purchased from a licensed professional. I am on other supplements also for the Fibromyalgia and PMS that are working great. Right now I don't feel depressed, very little anxiety, I'm sleeping better(and no more sleeping pills), ALOT LESS PAIN(not pain free yet), brain fog is starting to lift and I have more energy then I have had in years.

    I still have flare ups from time to time but they aren't as intense and I'm functioning much better when I do have one. And the Restless Leg Syndrom is still bothersom. But over all things are steady improving. My best advice to anyone is to research and read read read and read. Being educated about your illness is the best medicine you can have. Just know that there are other options to perscription medicine. ProHealth is a good place to start they have lots of info. Use it!! I now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    I also want to say that what works for one doesn't always work for others. And that goes for conventional medicine as well as alternative medicine. I had to make a choice to step out of the box and I'm not sorry I did. I have had really great doctors and won't leave my family doctor for nothing in the world because he is one of the best, but now I have another doctor on my team that does things a little different and that is working for me.

    And remember never make any changes in your medicines or supplements without consulting a health care professional conventional or alternitive. I hope this helps someone. I learn so much by reading everyones posts.
    God Bless You All!!

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  2. RobbieLee

    RobbieLee New Member

    I read you post and found it very interesting.
    I too was on a natural antidepressant. I used neurotransmitters ( amino acids) for 6 months to try and rebalance myself naturally. At first they really helped but by the third month my symptoms returned and when I was tested to the aminos I tested really weak so I quit them and now I am trying to find something else. I would like more information on the NeuroReplete,would you send me a webpage or link to research it?
    I'd also like to know about what you are on for the fibro pain and PMS symptoms. I have also tried natural things for that but I have hit and miss luck. Nothing is really consistant yet.
    Thanks so much
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  3. diva42597

    diva42597 New Member

    I am so tired of prescription meds and "normal" md's also. I have found much success with diet and exercise. I am interested to hear what type of licensed professional you get these supplements...particularly the NeuroReplete. My biggest problem is the mood swings and the fog. Exercise helps keep me sane and it keeps the pain to a minimum, but it does little for the sleep problems and mood swings. Thanks for the info!
  4. livewire66

    livewire66 New Member

    Sorry Guys. Hope that's better! This was my first post!

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  5. springrose22

    springrose22 New Member

    This is called 5-HTP, not 5-HDT, and I say this only to avoid confusion for anyone. I was on Zoloft, weaned myself off slowly, and am now taking 5-HTP, and it is working much better too. Take care. Marie
  6. amy24co

    amy24co New Member

    for weening yourself off anti-depressants? I am on Zoloft and am tired of not having a sex drive and feeling I've even put some weight on. how long after I cut back can I start taking 5-htp? Amy
  7. livewire66

    livewire66 New Member

    Hi Robbie, These are the supplements I am taking for the Fibromyalgia.

    MT.Capra / CAPRAFLEX
    for bones, joints, conective tissue

    ProHealth / Fibro Complete Multi with Malic Acid
    great multi lots of B's

    Metagenics / Mitochondrial Resuscitate
    builds cellular energy

    UDO's Choice / Oil Blend
    omega 3, 6 and 9 good for digestive health

    Guaifenesin any brand ProHealth has good price
    Works great for pain

    Celtic Sea Salt from health food store benifits are endless 1/4 teaspoon in water 1 hour before bed = good nights sleep (really works). I cook with it and everything.

    I also use some ALEVE when needed.

    For the PMS I take

    Metagenics / Chasteberry Plus

    The metagenics I get from the natural med doctor the rest you can get from ProHealth Store or health food store. So far this is working! I hope this info helps.


  8. livewire66

    livewire66 New Member


    Your right Springrose! Guess I was thinkin HDTV when I was writin! Sorry for the oops!
  9. livewire66

    livewire66 New Member

    Make sure you check with a health care professional(conventional or alternative) first before you ween off. I weened off for a month and started the next week.

    Natural medicine can make you sick too so don't just start taking any old thing.

    If you really want to try natural meds I sugest you find someone that is professional and practices natural medicine. So Thats what I did and I'm not sorry at all.

    I understand how you feel I was there and thought I would never feel better. Guess what? My sex drive is back! No more side effects. I'm starting to feel human again.

    Hang in there you can feel better!! Keep me posted and let me know how it goes. God Bless!

  10. livewire66

    livewire66 New Member

    God Bless you Honora I will keep you in my prayers.

  11. optimistic1

    optimistic1 New Member

    Hi Livewire,

    I knew that if I waited long enough I would hear from someone in Milwaukee. We live here too and I feel the same way you do about alternative meds.

    I just weaned myself from Effexor which is no easy feat and I'm still feeling the aftermath of that but I am through taking it. Hooray!!

    Now I am considering researching an alternative "natural" antidepressant as I too have had too many nasty side effects from those that are conventional.

    There is a fine Accupuncturist in Chicago who treats with herbs and I am going to contact him. I wish I could give you his name, etc., but this website won't allow it.
    I wish you much luck with your new treatment and am glad you are feeling better. I need some serious help because now that I am without the Effexor I am in great pain and very depressed too. If you don't mind it would be great to keep in touch.


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  12. kriket

    kriket New Member

    Thank you for your post about natural anti-depressants. I put a post up a while back about going off anti-depressant's cold turkey. Lots of advise not to do that and to talk to my doctor first.

    So, I did, and he told me to take one every other day, but he said the mg that I was taking was fairly low, so I probably would not have any withdrawals if I did try to get off of it. I have not been on it for about a week and a half, and I am doing well. I feel better.

    I think the welbutrin was causing me to have more depression. Anyway, I would love to be able to take something natural if I ever have a problem w/ depression again in the future. It probably would not hurt to take it anyway as a preventative measure. Anyway, thanks for your post about this.

  13. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    Your Chasteberry supplement will stop your Guaifenesin from working (if you are trying to eliminate phosphates).
  14. livewire66

    livewire66 New Member

    Thanks for the tip. I have an appointment this week so I'll check into it. Been on this regamin for almost four months and thought it was workin good. But still havin minor pain flare ups maybe thats why. Thanks for the info.

  15. springrose22

    springrose22 New Member

    Here is a website which could help you taper off your AD's: It is specifically designed to help you taper off without any major problems. Good luck. Marie
  16. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    I just wanted to add to this thread that you can find 5-HTP at most natural foods stores that carry supplements.

    It's a seretonin precursor. So it just helps your brain make more seretonin. Most antidepressants mess with the way your brain works, and keep the seretonin you do have from being used up as quickly.

    So 5-HTP has fewer chances of side effects. BUT, it is still possible to get dry mouth and headaches and squash your libido if you overdose. Treat it with respect and start out gradually, and work up to a dose that helps you.

    There are also supplements that raise other neurotransmitters, like dopamine. Use them with care, too.

  17. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    very good post. I to cannot take meds for depression, they make me worse.
    I don't have alot of time right now but I"m going to come back and re-read your post for my 3daughters sake their all on antidepressives and have tried to get off with no sucess.
    my oldest daughter has been on them for years and shes just a mess, she works for a doctor, you would think the poor girl could find some help, shes gained so much weight that its un healthy, she tried to go off them ,but could't make it, I pray every day that she"ll get some help.
    I'm going to show your post to my youngest daughter and have her talk to my oldest daughter.

    this is one reason my daughter doesn"t believe in fibro. shes convinced that its all from depression.

    and no matter what I try to tell her,that I didn"t have depression until after I got fibro,she just doesn"t understand.

    and to this day if I"m not in a flare, I don"t have depression.
    Thanks for such a good post. hugs sixtyslady
  18. Daisys

    Daisys Member

    I've been taking Sam-e for years. I started because of joint pain, which it helped, but every time I stop it, or lower it, my mood heads south. When I take it, I feel like normal me.

    I've taken more in the winter than summer, and sometimes can get along with a lot less than other times. I can tell the difference when I change doses, up or down, in a few days. The most I've taken was 6x2 (2400mg?) a day.

    There's no side effects (I'm assuming no one is going to do mega doses to find out what overdose feels like). It's supposed to be healthy for the liver too, but I can't vouch for that. Just the joint benefit, and antidepressant effect.
  19. hob

    hob New Member

    I have been on Nueroreplete for 6+ months and I feel amazing! I also take something called brain energy for the fog and with those two and a few other vitamns I too am feeling super. I almost cried reading your post because I understand the faith you have gotten back because of living a new life!

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