Natural antivirals that have worked for me

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dorrene, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. dorrene

    dorrene New Member

    About two months ago I read on this site about the virus connection to CFS & FM.
    I did call up the Stanford doctor as I live near Palo Alto but decided after reading all the serious side effects of the antiviral they were using not to go that route.
    My illness started with a very bad flu and I do have chills and low grade fevers etc along with everything else.

    Two months ago I started taking:
    Gaia Green tea capsules 4-6/day
    Vitamin A 20,000 units/day

    Sourse Naturals Tranfer Factors 2caps/3Xday
    Elderberry extract 2-3 droperfuls/3Xday
    Chinese Medicine Culing (Curing pills)3X/day
    CoQ10 300mg day
    Fresh OJ every day
    Along with whats on my profile, but I have been taking a lot less of my prior meds.
    Yesterday I went to the flea market and walked around for two hours then later that day I went for a one hour walk and I felt great, even today I feel great, I hav't felt like this in years.

    I think it's working.

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  2. pw7575

    pw7575 New Member

    I am so happy for you. It does sound like your new program is working for you. Now be careful and don't over do it. You don't want any set backs. Keep up the good work. I hope this continues for you!

    Thanks for is always so helpful to hear the good stuff.

    Take Care,
  3. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hi, Dorrene!

    That's terrific that you found some things that help you feel better!

    I have not tried green tea pills or elderberry extract, so perhaps I will. I've been trying a product called Virastop, which contains protein-digesting enzymes that are supposed to kill viruses. I think it's going to help me, but I've been sick for a long time (17 years), so it's going to take a while to get better.

    Yeah, I had a low-grade fever for the first three years I was sick. I wish I had known then that I should try taking a bunch of anti-viral stuff.

  4. dorrene

    dorrene New Member

    Today I just back from another one hour walk,
    My asthma is even not bothering me...Wow
    I have been noticing over the last month more stamina.
    I picked this group of natural products because they are very safe, easy on the stomach and there is reseach that they work.
    Like the green tea...look it up on the internet...
    I believe if we can get these viriuses down or even out of our bodies and we give our bodies the right nutrient support we will heal. Yoga is good for you too.
  5. kbak

    kbak Member

    Hi All,
    2 things that I have just started using that have had a big impact on me are Transfer factor immune Spray, and Allimax Rescue Spray.

    I have had to run back and forth from WY to San Diego to help my mom who is dying of Cancer. I have CFID, so this has been no small feat! Everyone around us has been sick.

    So far while using these 2 products I have not come down sick, not even a sniffle. To me that's a major feat considering how exhausted I am and all the flying I'm doing. these are major winner's in my book.

    Take Care,
  6. AllWXRider

    AllWXRider New Member

    Dr. Carol Ryser recommends building up to 6 TF capsules per day. I get rather tired at 3/day.
  7. karinaxx

    karinaxx New Member

    it is great that the natural way has worked for you.
    i am convinced for some here it is the better way.
    will store it under my treatment options, allway learning somehing new.

    thank you

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